Spellbound, Manufactured with the highest standards and craftsmanship...
Not just a slogan, but the essence of Spellbound captured in one sentence.

Each garment is made with knowledge and quality that has been passed on from generation to generation since it's birth in 1981. The town Kojima, Okayama Prefecture; the birthplace of Japanese jeans, has produced outstanding products, and Spellbound is one of them. There is no doubt about it, Spellbound is the result of doing it even better as the last time, time and time again. Placing values on material, sewing, processing and the workmanship handed down over generations in this district, our aim to add "present=innovation" in our creations. Our products are all made in Japan.We offer basic daily wear with texture and comfort associated with handmade goods and with just the right amount of the latest style.


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