Clothing made with love for women and the planet

For Love & Reason redefines luxury in its own perspective, by bringing an approachable dimension to beautiful, luxurious clothing that strives to be ethical.

Designer Anamica Mahabiersingh has always delighted in the expression of different states of mind through varied styles of fashion, and has created a brand that connects the elegant duality between love and reason.

Each collection speaks to an essential, easy quality that empowers women to move effortlessly through life, while allowing ample room for self-expression.

For Love & Reason is on a mission to help women build a more thoughtful wardrobe. We are committed to adding natural and quality materials and to work with OEKO-TEX certified manufacturers. All our products are made in the Netherlands and Lithuania. We have developed long-lasting relationships with factories and suppliers and we work to ensure that every person who touches our clothing is treated respectfully with fair wages and working conditions.


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Terms & Conditions


Please place your order by sending a completed order form by email.
An order form submitted by you is not accepted, and we are not obligated to fulfil any order, unless and until we have sent you an order confirmation [to the email address specified]

MOQ: €2000 in total minimum
Payment Terms: 30% deposit is required | The remaining balance to be paid in full within 7 calendar days from the receipt of merchandise
Delivery period: please allow 4-6 weeks from the date of order confirmation
All wholesale prices are exclusive of VAT and in € EUR
Freight charges are applied to the invoice at an additional fee if using our courier
Order cancellations are accepted within 5 calendar days after the order is placed. Deposit refunds will not be provided after 5 calendar days
The preferred payment method is EFT as per details provided herein.

All claims must be reported within the first 7 calendar days of the receipt of merchandise. Claims submitted after 7 days will not be recognised.

Defective goods may be accepted for credit up to 30 days after receipt. Returns will be processed at our discretion.