We connect markets

By connecting buyers and brands to their respective B2B target markets in fashion and lifestyle TribaSpace® interactive trading and brand marketing platform streamlines ordering and boosts sales.

Hosting B2B MarketSpaces

TribaSpace® hosts multiple B2B MarketSpaces for fashion and related lifestyle industries. All MarketSpaces are operated by trusted industry partners for different product groups, market segments or regions.

Operate within days

TribaSpace® offers complete integrated ‘White Label MarketSpace’ solutions (SaaS) enabling MarketSpace organizers to operate their own online B2B MarketSpace within a few days. No major investment or IT hassle!

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Digital Showroom Solutions

TribaSpace® provides each brand with a private digital showroom enabling them to conduct business with clients securely and to streamline ordering, networking and communication.

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Access global new markets

Each showroom can exhibit on one or multiple Marktplaces in order to simply connect with new clients in target markets and increase turnover.

Streamline your business processes

TribaSpace® combines order platform with social networking functionalities making your business processes more productive. It’s social business amplifying and streamlining ordering, networking and communication. Leave the old routines behind and focus on what matters most – your clients!

Streamline Your Workflows

Increase productivity by sharing the same software system with your clients. Just as Henry Ford's assembly line revolutionised production, TribaSpace® standardises business processes in marketing and wholesale.

Interact With Clients In Real Time

Interact with your clients directly online from any place at any time. Whether it’s placing orders, answering requests or sending confirmations, you can respond instantly to your clients wherever you are.

Showcase Your Products Right

Present your products in an attractive environment. Don’t worry about design or development. TribaSpace’s high design standards and intuitive interface help you present your brand in the best possible light.

Use The Power Of Social Business

Using social media principles in a B2B setting, TribaSpace® connects you with your clients online. Inviting contacts, publishing news and events and following others are all ways to get social on TribaSpace®.

Software-as-a-service (SAAS)

We built it so you don’t have to. We developed TribaSpace® to provide you with out-of-the-box solutions to solve day-to-day problems. Use high performing software without major investments or IT hassle!

Easy To Use

Using TribaSpace® is so easy everyone can do it without any training. There is nothing to download or install. All information is hosted on TribaSpace® servers in the ‘cloud’. All you need is a browser and you’re ready to go.

Don’t Buy, Just Use It

With TribaSpace® there is no expensive license to buy, no regular updates to purchase. Just subscribe to the service as long as you need to, and pay only for that period. You can cancel our services at any time.

Synchronize Your Systems

Integrate your TribaSpace® Digital Showroom with your existing IT infrastructure for all-round efficiency across your business. Connect it to your ERP System to enable a better exchange of all your business data.

Always In Business

You can administrate your TribaSpace® Digital Showroom from anywhere, at any time. Whether in the showroom or on a trade fair, you can now manage your business from the road.

Start online business now

Simply use TribaSpace® as long as you need to. The smart way to use technology!

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