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Coudray FSPR+ Report: And We Live Forever NYC launches its first E-Shop on

Donnerstag, Sep. 22, 2011, 21:33 / New York, United States

Dear Fashion Friends,

We are pleased to announce that New York based label AWLF has officially launched its first E-shop in collaboration with

The capsule collection, entitled "Tomorrow Or Never" is inspired by the Italian Futurism Art Movement of early 1900, and includes: 7 limited-edition over-sized tank tops, a triangular jumbo bag and a stellar DIY Jewelry Kit comprising two jump rings, a pair of triangular earrings, a chest plate and a brooch; all which are now available online.

Creative Director, Ken Marcelle and his ingenious artistic squadron And We Live Forever plead us to say "f*ck the past" and urge us to harvest the sediment of our true nature in future idiosyncrasies.

The short film accompanying the collection Tomorrow or Never creates an overpowering vision of a future society plagued by technology yet antagonized by the rebellious voices of neo-ideologists. is a Danish based global platform that sells carefully selected artwork and design products from creatives around the world and urther exposing sub-cultural trends via the ArtRebels Blog. The platform also hosts the celebrated TRAILERPARK festival as well as a new spiritual project DEAR GOD which was formerly own by ArtRebels work with both commercial, cultural, artistic, and social projects via the ArtRebels Agency.

Feel free to contact us regarding any further Sales & PR inquiries at:

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