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Bam Top Eko Singlet and Wellicious Pants. Bam Top Eko Singlet and Wellicious Pants.

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Call of Nature

Donnerstag, Sep. 8, 2011, 14:08 / London, United Kingdom

By Diana KAKKAR, Editor-at-Large

September 8, 2011, [London] - At times when the phones don't stop buzzing, and finding time for your own self is a never ending goal of the day, there are only a few things (apart from Music), which can connect you back to who you are.

Yoga is one of them, and as the literal meaning of Yoga is "To join and unite" it is no surprise how it has been taken up by both the Western and the Eastern society with wide & open arms!

Of course, that meant someone had to design clothes for it, demand and supply, as most of us know go hand in hand, and I am so glad there are a quite a few similar minded people who thought the same, at pretty much some point of their lives. I met a friend of mine, who is almost on her way to be a yogi too, she actually travels the world to attend yoga camps!

Sadly, all her efforts to get me in a single yoga asana, go in vain. While reading Eat Pray Love, I was so connected with Elizabeth Gilbert when she was as distracted as I am when sitting still! Hats off to you Liz!

I make up by talking about Yoga clothes, so I was pleased to learn that most these brands not only use organic/recycled material, they also actively help raise funds for a good cause, like Wellicious, a luxury Yoga/Lounge wear brand founded by Heike Schnell, a yoga enthusiast herself, thus ensures that all the products boast of the high standard of fabrics used to create feminine comfortable clothes.

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