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Fashion Business Amplified – How to Increase Brand Visibility in Times of Uncertainty

Donnerstag, Aug. 11, 2011, 16:03

In the past fashion companies had a strong grip on how they communicated with their clients and what was said about their products. Brands were designed to down to the smallest detail, the message passed to the public was analysed, created, and controlled to the nth degree. Age-old brands such as Chanel, Dior, and Givenchy created detailed brand identities and stories that live on today.

Back then communication was a one-way street – the image transmitted was the precisely planned version the brand wanted the public to receive, played out in magazines, television, books, and even on the radio. Back then everything was simpler and safer for fashion brands.

Since the Internet revolution the way we tell our stories has vastly changed. Brands try their best to defend a respected image in a multi-directional communicative process, exacerbated by the rapid speed information now travels at thanks to the Internet. As individuals amplify their opinions using social media, a simple line of thought about a brand has the ability to destroy a reputation.

It’s safe to say in today’s world the Internet is mandatory for marketing, where brands must not only monitor what is said about them but provide their own powerful voice. Courtney Blackman of Forward PR confirms this: “We work with media and clients around the globe and it is definitely down to online communication. I don’t know how a business could even think of operating without being online”.

So how can you increase positive brand visibility in times of uncertainty?

Secure Online Showrooms allow designers and brands to store all brand information in one safe space. By centralising your information, buyers, publishers and other industry professionals have a trusted space where they know they can go to find new updates and information at any hour of the night. A major global PR company in New York can discover a cool boutique fashion mag in Germany, while a buyer can find check out images from the latest collection.

The TribaSpace News Stream is in constant motion. Designers and brands can make connection with their clients by regularly posting news – updates can be as long or short as needed, providing opportunity for designers to build your brand identity. Post to-the-minute news and images from backstage at a show during fashion week or share stories about why you started your brand or the inspiration for your your latest collection. Best of all, all public news on TribaSpace is Google-searchable, making it easy for you to reach out to new audiences.

Whatever your expertise, TribaSpace helps you to secure recognition for your products and services and establish visibility on a much bigger scale.

Want to continue the conversation? Check back next week when we share our tips on how to stay connected with your clients.

Diana Nóbrega | TribaSpace

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