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Fashion business amplified – Tell your brand story online

Freitag, Juli 29, 2011, 14:20 / Berlin, Germany

Fashion is by definition something that is constantly changing. Fashionistas are used to changing their minds each season with every new collection, but when it comes to work routines the same cannot be said.

Today the industry changes at an even faster speed, referred to as "the relentless pace of the fashion industry" during a recent 032c magazine interview with Azzedine Alaïa. In the article the couturier states: "the world is changing rapidly. We see the proof of change every day in the news. Young people want change in this industry, too..." Despite this desire for change Alaïa stresses that the industry remains stuck in old patterns. And this is not only true for haute couture, but for the majority of fashion brands today that try to balance their usual work routines with the new possibilities that technology provides.

“If brands can fully understand how to leverage their messaging and assets across digital platforms and engage with an active audience,” affirmed Starworks Group founder James Grant to The Business of Fashion, “they can utilise the most powerful communications and sales tool that has ever existed in fashion.”

Have you ever thought about how you tell your brand story online?

A website is a great platform to reflect your brand image but it leaves you alone on your island, dependent on outsiders visiting your website. E-mail marketing and traditional phone contacts are powerful and effective, but it can take awhile to connect with interesting brands (not to mention the cost). As for social media, well, we don't even need to explain – it speaks loudly, but certainly works best when in connection with other platforms. That's why TribaSpace was created – specifically designed for fashion industry by those who understand it.

TribaSpace allows you to distribute your brand information to your contacts and increase your visibility those around outside your network. It gives you complete power to tell your brand story online. What you say. When. And to who. All you need is vision – you don’t need to be a digital expert.

TribaSpace is not intended to replace all existing workflows. Instead it is a supplementary tool that can be integrated with your existing business practices, streamlining day-to-day tasks.

"A brand is defined most simply as being a set of meanings that consumers, customers (in fact any members of all a company's audience) carry around in their heads and hearts. A products or company's brand can be said to be a sum total of all things that people think, feel, suspect, imagine, believe, wish and say about it", explained marketing specialist Simon Middleton on The Chief Executive.

So why shouldn't your clients have the opportunity to access your brand on a 24/7 basis? It is in your interest that buyers know about all your brand's values and TribaSpace provides you with the opportunity to interact directly with the fashion industry. There is a large international network of users from all areas of the industry, including designers, buyers, stylists, publicists, publishers and photographers.

From your Company Profile you can host your Secure Online Showroom, interact with other companies, request access to private online showrooms, place and manage orders online, subscribe to news and updates in your personalised stream, schedule appointments and accredit yourself or create guest lists. All in a fashion business environment where you have control over input and output.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback about your own business needs our team are glad to answer your requests at

See you on TribaSpace!

When it comes to online business helping the fashion industry these ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Check back next Friday when we post the next installment in our new editorial series Fashion Business Amplified, where we'll explore these possibilities in detail...

Diana Nóbrega | TribaSpace

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