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Introducing AND WE LIVE FOREVER - NYC Idiosyncratic Fashion Accessory

Dienstag, Juli 5, 2011, 11:04 / New York, United States


Brooklyn based, New York Creative Director, Ken Marcelle and his ingenious artistic squadron "And We Live Forever" plead us to say "f*ck the past" and urge us to harvest the sediment of our true nature in future idiosyncrasies.

This season, AWLF takes inspiration from the Italian Futurism Art Movement of 1900 with a capsule collection entitled, "Tomorrow Or Never" containing 7 limited-edition oversized tanks, a triangular jumbo bag and a stellar DIY Jewelry Kit comprising two jump rings, a pair of triangular earrings, a chest plate and a brooch, offering all in one compound functionalities that are limited only by our individual creativity.

With the fashion film Tomorrow or Never, AWLF creates an overpowering vision of a future society plagued by technology yet antagonized by the rebellious voices of neo-ideologists.

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Produkt-Gruppen: Ready-to-Wear, Creation, Photography, Contemporary, Illustration, Accessories, Millinery, Sales, Media, Promotion, Jewellery, PR, Publishing
Märkte: Other, Men's, Women's

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