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Sorting the wheat from the chaff – creating the time to nurture your best clients

Freitag, Juni 17, 2011, 15:24 / Berlin

We all know them – the awkward client who turns up painfully late for meetings or worse unannounced, then flounders about rather than making a decision. While their interest in your products is a good sign, it doesn’t necessarily translate to a positive client relationship or beneficial sale.

Bridget Boakye of Maverik Agency recalls one such incident: “I had a client who was notorious for coming late to appointments and then spending hours at the showroom. On this last occasion they spent six hours at the buying appointment, trying everything on – I mean everything. I down wrote the lines they wanted, then the time came to call in the order. The client sent their order, containing products from six lines... a grand total of 18 pieces!”

It’s hard to identify the tyre kickers, but when unpromising customers sap your energy its even harder to make time for your best clients.
The new TribaSpace Sales Showoom provides a solution, giving you tools to reach your entire business network securely and effficiently.

By creating an order book on TribaSpace, clients can peruse your entire product range online – detailed product information, garment and fabric images are hosted in a safe environment inside your TribaSpace Showroom. Product orders can also be placed online, making it possible for your client to order from anywhere in the world, 24/7.

The platform allows clients to view a product as many times as they wish without requiring you to spend countless hours presenting each item in person. It’s a win-win situation – clients can discuss potential buys with their business partner, and you can avoid long meetings in favour of spending more time with key clients.

Decide who to share your Showroom with, then send personalised invitations easily via TribaSpace. After clients visit your Showroom use the built-in statistics to determine which products piqued their interest, and follow up accordingly.

Avoid time-sapping meeting by creating a TribaSpace Showroom and encouraging your clients to order products directly online. Alternatively, ask your clients to check your collections online prior to visiting then provide you with a short list so you can prepare a rack prior to their arrival.

Offering comprehensive product information to a client prior to meeting face-to-face is a practical way of separating the real clients from the time-wasters. The tools provided in the TribaSpace Sales Showroom are designed to support your existing business practices and make your day-to-day tasks more effective. "Fashion is and will remain a face-to-face business. The Internet can help streamline established workflows by making them more time and cost efficient," confirms TribaSpace founder and CEO Saydou Bangoura.

Find out more about the Sales Showroom and other TribaSpace products by clicking here.

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