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In Talk: Tiago da Costa Miranda of ...And This is Reality

Freitag, Juni 3, 2011, 09:00 / Lisbon, Portugal

Although the Portuguese lifestyle blog ...And This is Reality is written in founder Tiago da Costa Miranda’s mother tongue, the blog’s positive spin marks an important shift in lifestyle reporting relevant on a global scale.

TribaSpace talked to the blog’s charismatic founder to find out the secret to the blog’s success.

TribaSpace: How did you come up with the idea for ...And This is Reality?
Tiago da Costa Miranda: I used to read many international lifestyle blogs, and back in January 2007 none were written in Portuguese.
At the time I was sick of the general negativity present in the media. There are so many positive things happening every day that we don’t read about, so I decided to start my own blog focusing on positive and beautiful things. It all came as a personal, desperate cry against the state of the national media reality. This is why we write in Portuguese and are aimed at Portuguese readers.
...And This is Reality started as a personal contribution for others to see the real world with different eyes, and has grown into a special lifestyle blog in Portugal. Quite a journey!

What is your writing and publishing process for the blog?
My mantra: never copy, nor paste! Our texts are always original, containing our honest and sincere opinion.
Writing every day since 2007 has given me the training and the discipline needed to overcome some difficult situations! I personally only write one post a day, the rest of my time is dedicated to coordinating my editorial team. We are a team of three posting multiple times daily, with several correspondents writing occasionally from another cities.

How do you think blogging is changing the fashion industry?
It is undoubtedly changing the world! Before blogging and social networking, magazines ruled and completed the lifestyle media world – now they share the stage with us!
Very few magazines have 1% of a nation’s population as their audience – yet this is our average audience per month, making us one of a kind within the lifestyle media scene in Portugal.

What do you expect from platforms like TribaSpace?
As you can imagine in these past few years I’ve been in contact with many internet platforms, some survived and some didn’t. I believe TribaSpace’s future is a positive one, and the platform is sustainable and affordable.

What are your plans and ambitions for the future?
I would love to make the blog commercially independent and start to internationalise it.
When the blog started to get serious I said to myself, “It will pay for itself in five years time.” That was in 2007 and the international economic context was completely different – at the time no one predicted what would happen next. I still want to stick to this goal, and have one year to go!
We only write in Portuguese, so internationality is an obvious consequence of the stage we are at now: we’ve have around 1% of the national population as our monthly audience so there is little space to grow in Portugal. We want to grow internationally in other Portuguese speaking countries and stay faithful to our DNA, so Angola and Brazil are obvious target markets.

Natasha Binar | TribaSpace

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