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Viktor Hjertén - Inanimate Life | Image by Simon Larsson Viktor Hjertén - Inanimate Life | Image by Simon Larsson

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Where to study fashion – Beckmans College of Design

Dienstag, Mai 24, 2011, 09:49 / Stockholm, Sweden

One of Europe’s oldest fashion schools, Beckmans College of Design was established in 1939 by leading Swedish advertising illustrator and exhibition designer Anders Beckman.

With a sense for commerce, advertising and creativity melted into a complex curriculum, the college is counted among Sweden’s and Northern Europe’s most prestigious fashion schools. Beckmans does not separate its courses into menswear or womenswear, instead it aims to expose students to different niches of design to provide a broad fashion design education.The standard three-year undergraduate course includes an orientation in the history of design, theoretical training and communication.

Backed by industry notables H&M, IKEA, Lowe Brindfors and Svenskt Tenn, programs in advertising, graphic design and product design are offered in addition to fashion. Interestingly, Beckmans remains affordable: term fees are quite moderate, and with day and evening classes and variety of studying modes on offer, Beckmans is accessible to students of all backgrounds.

Last week Beckmans held its annual graduation show with an impressive portfolio and names to watch – Viktor Hjertèn, Josefin Arnell and Emilia Engblad are but a few.
TribaSpace talked to Beckmans Fashion Design lecturer Sarah Törnqvist about what potential students can expect.

TribaSpace: Which skill set is the most important for graduates in fashion design when they complete the university and start their own professional life?
Sarah Törnqvist: We educate independent design students who have an awareness of sustainability and a good recognition of their own design process, as well as the designer role within the fashion system.

After finishing a degree, students should be ready to advance straight into an education on a Master's level or to join a professional design team at a company. Some graduates choose to work with styling or illustration and some start their own business straight away.

What advice do you have for anyone considering fashion design as a profession?
Like most professions in the creative field a solid passion is an absolute must. Go for the best education there is to help you develop who you are and to reach what you want.

What role do online platforms like TribaSpace maintain for yourself and your students?
TribaSpace is a great marketplace and a good channel for our international students to spread the word about fashion shows and exhibitions.

Natasha Binar | TribaSpace

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