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Introducing... Joyce Bidouzo-Coudray, TribaSpace Sales & PR Representative in France

Dienstag, Mai 3, 2011, 12:51 / Paris, France

The latest addition to our growing team is Joyce Bidouzo-Coudray. Residing in the French capital, Joyce brings extensive industry experience to his role as TribaSpace Sales & PR Representative in France.

We spoke to Joyce from his base in Paris to learn more...

TribaSpace: How and why did you get involved the fashion industry?
Joyce Bidouzo-Coudray: I guess it all started with what I call the “Uber stylish Mum Syndrome.” I've been surrounded with art, fashion and beautiful attire from a very early age, and began sketching my own designs from the tender age of 12 up until today with varied intensity.

I studied International Management and Trading Laws but after graduating I took a sales agent position at an iconic Japanese fashion house based in Paris instead of choosing to work for a big distribution firm.

I've been working in the fashion industry for nearly 20 years now, involved in successful network developments for both prominent and emerging ready-to-wear brands and international designer labels from mid-upper high to luxury segment industries, in addition to other fashion lifestyle related companies.

As a creative consultant my core predominance revolves in niche market
developments and brand management. Throughout the years I have acquired a sharp understanding of most European market areas like France, Italy, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Scandinavia and other choice international areas in Southeast Asia and the United States.

Until recently I was managing a well-known PR firm in Paris but a concordance of events lead me to take the plunge and establish my own PR entity; operating a proactive network of key press, web, blogs, TV and multimedia associates, as well as international sales and PR influentials.

Where do you think online fashion business is headed?
Time and cost efficiencies have become critical to successful trade relations. The Internet offers the ability to transmit information almost instantaneously, considerably reducing the time gap between actual sales transactions and the harvesting of benefits.This alone is a major boost to companies profitability margins.

Online business surpasses far beyond most traditional sales tracks, which often involve long hours of travelling, and countless meetings, heavy administrative procedures and loads of printed data which in turn are subjected to numerous mistakes (let alone the environmental repercussions).

With security aspects well in hand, Internet trading is the best way for business associates to operate their transactions in real time and at a cost efficient level... it also provides businesses more freedom to focus on the creative processes which are inherent to our industry. For me, online business means more freedom.

How do you perceive TribaSpace?
TribaSpace is without doubt a web pioneer in its own right. It's the first ever global business market place for the fashion industry.

A secure online media platform that really simplifies day-to-day business operations by merging PR & Communication expertise with Sales & Marketing command; TribaSpace members have the ability to considerably expand their global market visibility, increase awareness of their brand, develop new strategic network relations and ultimately optimise their sales prospect revenues to uncharted levels.

Whatever your expertise – whether you run a fashion label, a PR agency, a sales showroom, a buying office or a fashion media platform – you now have access to a unique state of the art software that provides the ultimate guide line to help you establish further brand recognition or corporate visibility on a much bigger scale.

What do you hope to achieve as a TribaSpace's French representative?
I hope to promote TribaSpace’s unique value proposition toward a greater target audience of potential new associates and trend influentials in order to score key strategic accounts within designated market areas in France and internationally.

I wish to generate more corporate visibility for the TribaSpace platform by spearheading well adapted PR and communication campaigns toward discerning press, market leaders but also towards various social media platforms.

Ultimately, our aim is to integrate TribaSpace as the world's number one secure Internet marketplace for the creative industry.

Produkt-Gruppen: Representation, Vintage, Sales, Other, PR
Märkte: Women's, Children's, Other, Men's

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