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Here Come the Sunnies

Montag, Apr. 11, 2011, 10:40 / London, United Kingdom

April 11, 2011, London - I always use to hear people say, everyday in London is a different day.

I really did not understand what they meant till I actually started experiencing it while capturing trend moments on the London streets.

The beauty lies in the different cultures blending into being one, while still maintaining their idiosyncratic traits.

Well, since I am an observer, I can sit by the Thames bank and observe people pass all day long, sometimes I try to capture them with my lens, and then on other occasions (a.k.a being lazy) I just make notes in my head.

My suggestion to you, would be to ideally experience this beauty right now, when Spring is setting in, the flowers are blooming, the colors are popping out in clothes, accessories, hair, and I seem to be like that butterfly being attracted to all this bloom in color and beauty.

So I decided, what better way to welcome the Spring in, than to capture the Sunglasses trend on the streets?

Fortunately, I was free this weekend, and it was sunny enough to gather a myriad of pictures to do justice to my more at:

Produkt-Gruppen: Casual Wear, Photography, Accessories, Streetwear, Eyewear, Vintage, PR, Ready-to-Wear, Sportswear
Märkte: Women's, Men's

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