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Backstage at the Lever Couture show, Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week Backstage at the Lever Couture show, Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week

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In Talk: Tanya Ernst and Elke Filpes of Zeitgeist.PR

Donnerstag, Apr. 7, 2011, 08:29 / Berlin, Germany

Located in Berlin’s trendy Kreuzberg neighbourhood, agency is run by ambitious duo Tanya Ernst and Elke Filpes. Instead of limiting their clients to one particular niche, the agency focuses on diversity, representing both Germany’s fashion newcomers and a selection of international avant-garde designers. provides sales support and brand management, offering an all-round service point for communication and sales – a rare combination in the business of fashion...

Travelling with their clients in London and Paris, the girls are difficult to catch. TribaSpace managed to track them down and fit out what's next for

TribaSpace: How and when did the company come to be?
Tanya Ernst and Elke Filpes: We founded the agency in 2008. Fashion was always our big interest, especially new talents that have great potential. For example, Lever Couture – we accompanied and supported the designer, Lessja Verlingieri the past two years and now she had a great debut during the Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week in January this year. Since then, we have received lot of requests and are happy to see these vast developments! We are great fans of young designers and we are looking for more success stories in future.

How has the German market and international fashion industry evolved throughout the last several years? What were your personal highlights?
In our opinion the German fashion industry has become more important during the past years, especially now Bread & Butter has returned to Berlin. Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week has become bigger and more important every year and there are more international brands interested in showcasing in Germany. Of course, you cannot compare Berlin to Paris or New York, but as time goes by it can become an important fashion city and we are excited to be part of it.

Our personal highlight this year was the Lever Couture show, seeing the success of UK brand Georgia Hardinge and receiving the news that our Danish duo Spon Diogo is moving to Berlin.

Are there any brands in particular you’re excited to represent this season?
We are excited to present Lever Couture and Spon Diogo, and of course also established German brand Laurèl.

What we can expect next from
We believe in a unique style of brand building that encompasses press strategy, sales relationships, brand management and international growth to help meet and exceed our clients’ goals. Through PR we strive to create ways to elevate our brands above the competition. However, PR alone is not enough. Our ultimate goal is to work as one force together with each brand's sales, marketing and design teams in order to create a better product with exceptional market results. Fashion is our core division and we have specialised in newcomer avant-garde brands. At the moment we are setting up a more commercial division and in the future we also will work with lifestyle and accessory brands.

Natasha Binar | TribaSpace

Produkt-Gruppen: PR, Sales, Representation, Publishing, Promotion
Märkte: Men's, Children's, Other, Women's

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