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Saskia Diez 'Lace cape' Saskia Diez 'Lace cape'

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Saskia Diez: the discreet elegance of jewellery

Montag, März 28, 2011, 10:21 / Munich, Germany

Jewellery is commonly associated with complex handcrafted items made of luxury materials such as silver or gold. Saskia Diez pieces are different, influenced by arts, fashion and industrial design.

It was a long path that led Munich-based Saskia to become what she and her works are today. Shortly after completing a classic apprenticeship as a goldsmith she felt the traditional world of jewellery restricted her ideas. After studying industrial design and working at various design studios (including well known porcelain manufacturer Rosenthal), Saskia returned to jewellery with a wealth of experience.

Today industrial design inspires the designer, and is an important influence when producing her simple, clean jewellery pieces. Playing with cultural references, Saskia combines traditional and modern styles, reflecting the zeitgeist without being trend-driven. She questions the standard perception of jewellery, asking ‘Does a ring have to be solid and closed? Can a clasp be decorative and functional?’

Saskia finds inspiration in all places: a fleeting glance that lingers, a person with captivating movements and gestures, the shape and material of certain clothing or the specific mood of a movie. She carefully searches for suitable materials to use in her designs, whether wood, glass, gems or gold.

“My jewellery is there to embellish”, the designer explains. Yet it is never the jewellery alone that does this, but the interaction with the respective parts of the body emphasised by the pieces worn.

Seafaring knotting techniques inspired the Knots series, while children’s jewellery motivated the designer’s use of colorful wooden beads for the Wood series (made at a time when the designer wished to design something uncomplicated and cheerful). Incorporating bright coloured bracelets and necklaces, Saskia created a collection that can be combined in different ways (which is also nicely priced). The Fine series includes some extremely delicate pieces, with necklaces, bracelets and rings that are practically invisible, adorning the wearer’s skin with a fine sheen shimmering in the light. Saskia Diez jewellery is like a discreet gesture, displaying elegance and gentle subtlety, while remaining feminine and sexy.

The designer belongs to the new generation using technology and new media daily. She considers it a part of her life: “It was surprising how quickly I received international recognition and could sell from the beginning in Tokyo and New York, which surely has not been possible without technologies. These platforms also allow me to expand and build upon my networks”, says Saskia.

However, personal contact is still an important aspect of her business: “People put a lot of emphasis on meeting you in person, which is what I do. New media bring advantages but also pressure, and the most important thing is to not to be taken away by them, but rather allow your own rhythm to define your way of working,” reflects the designer. “With so much information all over the place, it is extremely important to sustain quality and authencity.”

Saskia Diez was granted the Premium Young Designer Award for accessory design AW 2009 / 2010, and the German Designpreis for her series of bags, Papier in 2010.

Saskia Diez’s jewellery is sold at selected stores in Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and New York, and also retails online.

Natasha Binar | TribaSpace

Produkt-Gruppen: Jewellery
Märkte: Women's, Men's, Other, Children's

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