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TribaSpace ambassador, Tina Husemann TribaSpace ambassador, Tina Husemann

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Introducing... Tina Husemann, TribaSpace ambassador

Freitag, Feb. 4, 2011, 12:39 / Düsseldorf, Germany

With multiple cities abuzz with fashion events we decided it was high time to upsize theTribaSpace team, and therefore proudly introduce you to TribaSpace ambassador Tina Husemann. As founder of text and communications agency L*ÉTOILE PR, Tina brings a wealth of fashion business knowledge to the TribaSpace team.

We spoke with Tina from her base in Düsseldorf to find out more...

How and why did you get involved the fashion industry?
I started my career 12 years ago in a Düsseldorf based PR agency focused on international fashion and lifestyle brands. Since 2006 I have freelanced for different clients from the field of contemporary culture, spanning fashion, art, food and music.

Where do you think online fashion business is headed?
The current figures and extremely rapid development, especially in the field of online, mobile, and social shopping for fashion, show online fashion business is becoming more and more important. I think the ones declining and closing themselves off from this developments will, quite simply, go under and disappear. Some of the traditional stationary retail sectors and long-established companies really have to rethink and to keep up with the times.

However, I don't see online fashion business as the non plus ultra alternate, furthermore as an add-on which offers endless new and creative possibilities for retail, brands and customers. They all can benefit from the combination on and offline if concepts are realised in a smart and clever way.

How do you perceive TribaSpace?
My first impression of TribaSpace how the language and wording used the application caught my attention – it reminded me a little of the language Apple uses: clean, likable, sophisticated and professional. The features offer an excellent working tool for the fashion industry – I am now using my TribaSpace PR showroom to spread news and inform my customers and friends about events.

What do you hope to achieve as a TribaSpace ambassador?
That’s easy – to spread the Triba spirit! Also to help fashion professionals, big players and newcomer labels all over the world become part of the Triba family.

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