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ISPO Munich `11 - Stand A2.126

Mittwoch, Feb. 2, 2011, 14:22 / Munich

ISPO11 - A2.126 (ISPO sport&style brand new finalist 2007 & GermanFashionFilm Award Winner 2010) presenting: the new drop_crotch_trousers collection 2011 ! geppebba is the first mover in a fresh & upcomming segment of trousers. Functional aspects for the daily use manufactured in Italy. Its the story of Ebba & Geppetto who follow the path of evolution for the future of fashion.
- come by and forget your schedule because geppebba mod.8 is the most advanced pair of trousers in this world today !
- come by if you ask yourself: the fashion industry -150 years 5-pockets, how long will it take to follow up, because fashion mysteriously should always changing ?
- come by because it`s just most worth to see a product live powered by
represented by keep the balance GmbH

Produkt-Gruppen: Ready-to-Wear, Denim, Sportswear, Streetwear, Casual Wear
Märkte: Men's, Women's

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