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Blogs We Love: Amateur Couture

Freitag, Jan. 28, 2011, 10:32 / Des Moines, United States

A fine line runs between fashion and art, and M.Fay is walking that tightrope and sharing her findings on Amateur Couture. With a keen eye for both mediums, the blogger pairs fine art from modern to Renaissance with its fashion counterpart. Her photographic memory gives her the ability to make a Jackson Pollock and a print dress look like they were long lost cousins. But we still can't help but wonder how vast her knowledge is and how long she really spends searching for each perfect match, because every time we visit her site we get lost clicking through the pages of beautiful paired images. We had a chat with her about fashion versus art and the game of connecting the two.

We love the theme of your blog. How did you come up with it?
Amateur Couture has evolved into a blog that celebrates the connection between art and fashion, often in the most literal of senses. It happened very organically, with a Jason Wu dress that reminded me of a painting that I loved. I posted both images and the concept was born, sharing my favorite things and using art as inspiration.

How long does it take you to find and create each post? What is your process?
Sometimes I find the dress. Sometimes I find the art. I remember pictures the way other people remember words. It can be like a memory game that happens quickly, as often as it can be a treasure hunt. I save favorite finds in a folder, hundreds of hundreds of images, and eventually they match up like magic.

We know you love fashion and art. But do you think fashion is art?
 YES! Fashion loves art. Both convey messages and invoke emotion and thought.  

Are you a fashion or art lover first?
 I am a fashion lover first. Fashion can move with you and evolve — layering, accessorising, deconstructing — the constant change in my moods and likes continues to inspire me the most.

What is your profession? What are your hobbies other than blogging?
In my fantasy world I am a sophisticated lover of art, but in reality I am an amateur devotee. I spend my days as a shop girl in a darling soap store, but at night I turn into creative wanderer, drowning myself in art books, fashion magazines, and my beloved laptop. Other addictions: wining, dinning, and hunting for that perfect dress.

Are fashion and art just pleasure a for you or do you also involve yourself in the business side at all?
I am dreaming of what the future has in store, one day I would like to have an online shop selling wonderful finds from my vintage adventures.

Have you had any special opportunities because of your blog?
 I have met so many creative people through this little hobby that could. The opportunity to create my own little corner of the bloglosphere and have it well received is the reward.

How do you think blogging is changing the fashion industry?
 We have a growing influence on the fashion industry, but we are only a mirror to what’s already out there on the streets, in magazines and on the runways. Luckily, it has allowed more people to get involved in the discussion.

Where do you live and what is unique about the style there?
 Des Moines, Iowa. Because of the constant weather extremes, we are forced to find ways to make it work. When a ice storm hits, stilettos just won't do... but how do you make snow boots look cute. We find a way!

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