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PREMIUM saw a large increase in international buyers this season PREMIUM saw a large increase in international buyers this season

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Berlin Fashion Week: International Buyers Take On the Trade Shows

Mittwoch, Jan. 26, 2011, 15:52 / Berlin, Germany

The buzz has died down since last week's Berlin Fashion Week and those working the circuit have now moved on to Copenhagen and Düsseldorf. Here at TribaSpace, we finally have a moment to collect our thoughts and reflect on what really went down during those fashionable four days.

While the Fall/Winter 2011 collections were being paraded on the runway at Bebelplatz and around the city, the trade shows were really the places to be, with almost an across-the-board increase in the number of visitors since the previous season noted everywhere from PREMIUM to THEKEY.TO. As the amount of German attendees steadily increases each season, more noticeably this time around was the influx of international visitors, especially from the Scandinavian, Italian, Asian and American markets.

With a large expansion almost doubling the area and allowing even more international collections to show their lines, PREMIUM saw a large increase in international buyers this season. Visitor numbers rose by 27 percent since last summer, with almost 60,000 in attendance. This jump was strictly because of newcomers from the international market, as the number of German guests remained the same. With such a high demand for space and the constant increase in visitors, managing director Norbert Tillman already sees the challenges that await him next season.

Continuing with the increase in international visitors trend was the Bright Tradeshow, who although at 11,400 had a decrease in overall trade visitors since last July, showed an impressive 40 percent of their guests came from abroad. The French, Italians, Swiss and British rounded out the European crowd, while those who came from overseas were primarily from the United States, China and Japan.

The Projektgalerie Showroom was yet another international success, with not only a rise in the number of German buyers, but those from Asian and Scandinavian markets. "On the whole we are satisfied, as the numbers of visitors has more than doubled. People really took our showroom seriously and integrated its concept and importance into their BWF schedules," said founder Sven Krüger.

Arne Eberle, organiser of the Collect Showroom featuring designers such as Esther Perbandt and Franzius, has seen a continuous development in Berlin over the past few seasons. This time around he too found more international visitors, with more interest from Germans and importantly, more buyers actually placing orders.

THEKEY.TO CONSPIRACY, the fourth edition of Berlin's eco-friendly trade show, housed more than 50 international labels and designers from 15 nations and was deemed a success by its professional visitors, the press and the public. The new Columbia Halle location, decorated with projections from renowned light artist Yuti, was in closer proximity to other trade shows, and not coincidentally there was an increase in visitors from the previous seasons.

"We are very happy," said founder Gereon Pilz van der Grinten. "This was our most successful edition. We have never had so many international labels and visitors, it was a meeting of nearly all the European eco-fashion professionals. The topic was provocative, yet positively accepted, discussed and understood."

Bread & Butter had a whopping 600 exhibitors this season, with special attention on small tailor-made menswear heritage brands. Although they do not release the official statistics, we heard the percentage of international buyers in attendance rose to 70 percent. And judging by the swarms of people who flocked to the event each day, this was obviously another trade show triumph.

Megan Cahn | TribaSpace

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