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Fashion industry professionals can find each other using Pumproom | image by Bianca Paulsen of Fashion industry professionals can find each other using Pumproom | image by Bianca Paulsen of

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Pumproom: the ‘Yellow Pages’ for the fashion industry

Dienstag, Jan. 25, 2011, 12:39 / Germany

The fashion industry is sometimes known for being tough, competitive, and difficult to get ahead. In order to survive, designers, manufacturers and agencies are dependent on their contacts, networks and shared knowledge.

Founded in 2008 by Elina Artis, a designer with an entrepreneurial spirit, Pumpoom, calls itself the ‘Yellow Pages for fashion,’ connecting designers and manufacturers to bring supply and demand together.

In a world of virtual networks, the real work is still carried out by professionals. By searching on Pumproom, a professional running a showroom or a studio workroom can easily find expert technicians in the manufacturing unit. The site contains a directory for manufacturers, which can be searched using postcode, city or area of interest. There are also sub-directories for knitting, tailoring, printing, leather manufacturers, while equipment suppliers are listed next to service companies, followed by fashion events, trade dates and job advertisements.

Founded in Germany, the site so far predominately caters for and is frequented by German users. Artis sees that as a positive sign, confirming, “we would like to strengthen ourselves regionally first, and offering a deeper local knowledge no one else might have. We might not publish international all-known news, but you might find something really interesting in the region of Hamburg, Berlin or Saxony.” However, she optimistically affirms, a European expansion is in place, targeting neighboring countries such as the Netherlands and Scandinavian triangle.

Anyone in the industry can become a member of Pumproom for free by registering online. Basic membership enables users to establish a company profile containing contact information, and provides ability to publish announcements and small presentations using a ‘blackboard’ all registered members can access. A premium membership provides more options, including a listing in Pumproom’s dedicated directory index, links to business associates and partners, detailed search functionality linked to core businesses and services, and special offers and news. Currently, the membership pool contains around 600 listed companies.

Pumpoom is also a partner of, an organisation with a goal to “cover an entire fashion cycle from concept through production to sales”, says Artis. regularly organises seminars and workshops for designers and fashion specialists, focusing on topics such as vertical marketing, new software and industry technologies. In May 2010 the organisation held a cooperative exchange day in Berlin, bringing upcoming designers and manufacturers together to promote the idea of how local production could benefit the domestic economy and create sustainable development – an idea the German fashion industry appears increasingly interested in.

With expert skills still fragmented and somewhat difficult to find, Pumproom is a working example of how a directory model for both end consumers and business can work. We hope there will be more of these in the future for each sector of the industry, making the most of digital technologies and what they can help us do best.

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