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Mia Linnman's Painting Mia Linnman's Painting

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Blogs We Love: Solid Frog

Freitag, Dez. 17, 2010, 10:33 / Jönköping, Sweden

Mia Linnman has an eye for the aesthetic––the pages or her blog Solid Frog are filled with interior design and fashion spreads that will not fail to fill any reader's head with inspiration for his or her own home or wardrobe. But her artistic inclinations run far deeper than her ability to make us click on page after page transfixed by beautiful imagery. In 2005, after a year of studying art, Linnman––also an interior designer who once worked for IKEA––began to paint. Her work is bold and full of life, often depicting colorful abstract horse images on large canvases––pieces that would certainly fit right in any of the fabulously decorated spaces she posts online.

TribaSpace had a chat with Linmann about Swedish design, the inspiration she finds in fashion and why Solid Frog remains ad free.

Tribaspace: How does your love of fashion, painting and interior design mix?
Mia Linnman: I'm a very visual adaptive person. Both fashion, art and interior design have to do with visual aesthetics. I love beautiful things and get very inspired by different colour combinations, composition and moods. Fashion and interior design inspire me when I’m painting.

We love your paintings. Tell us about your painting style?
I love to work in large formats with much colour. Abstract motifs and horses are my most common themes, but I just recently started to make quite realistic pictures, with inspiration coming from different situations between people.

What is unique about the style where you live, and what you love about it?
I live in the south part of Sweden, in a medium sized city called Jönköping. The area is actually called "furniture country" because of its tradition of making furniture––many legendary Swedish designers started up in this area. The style is quite the same all over Sweden, although it might be a different up north. Otherwise it’s typical Scandinavian––natural materials such as wood and stone. The design is mostly clean and simple with focus on function. Ikea is a good representation of the Swedish design.

What is your blogging philosophy?
When I started my blog it was mostly because I found so much inspiration and nice pictures everywhere and I wanted to collect it in one place. Sharing it and inspiring other people has become the best part. I want my blog to be inspiring and stylish and to keep it clean. I have no ads on it, mostly because I think it looks messy.

What is your style philosophy?
I think your style changes over time and I don’t like to limit myself to one style. I like both arty, classy and minimalistic style when it comes to interiors. As much as I love beautiful windows whiteout curtains, I think it’s very stylish and classy to have heavy velvet drapes. I try never to forget the interaction between architecture and interior design––sometimes you have to respect it and sometimes you have to make contrasts.

What do you do for work?
In 2007 i started to work as an interior designer at IKEA Communications and stayed there until October last year. Then I worked with a graphic design an agency. Now for the moment, I am a painter full time. I cooperate with two galleries and also deliver on request.

Have you had any special opportunities because of your blog?
Yes, and I think it’s fantastic. I have made a lot of great contacts with lovely people and I often get much feedback from readers. I have sold two paintings only through my blog, one to Denmark and one to Ireland. I have also made many connections with people interested in Sweden.

How do you think blogging is changing the fashion industry?
It must be much easier for young and unknown designers to spread their designs around the globe. The word of mouth-effect is powerful and also includes that of established designers. Internet and blogs also makes it easier for people to become a part of the fashion world and to influence without having to be at the right spot at the right time. The consumer has much more power today, thanks to the transparency the internet provides.

Who are you most inspired by?
That’s hard to say, there is so much great inspiration out there and I think I have a pretty wide style. Talking fashion, I love Paul Smith’s design, it’s colourful, happy and not too serious. And I also very much like Chanel, always classy and stylish. Talking design, Eames are a favourite and some of the danish designers, Poul Kjaerholm, Arne Jacobsen and Wegner make timeless furniture that I love.

Megan Cahn | TribaSpace

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