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Sketches by Katia Mossina Sketches by Katia Mossina

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Berlin Fashion City Guide to be released

Donnerstag, Dez. 16, 2010, 09:25 / Berlin, Germany

Berlin Catwalks - Fashionable Adventures in the Capital

Journalist Natasha Binar and fashion designer Katia Mossina have joined creative forces to write (another) book about Berlin, twisted funny and very personal.
Berlin is considered to be an up and coming fashion hub holding its own fashion weeks and giving home to many designers and artists. Trade fairs, fashion shows, almost daily new streetstyle blogs are all part of the constantly changing exciting German capital, expected by many to be the next New York.

In less than three years Berlin scored a seat in the front row of the international fashion scene. Natasha Binar and Katia Mossina talk to designers, photographers, stylists and trade show organizers to listen to their personal stories; they visit showrooms and attend catwalk shows, check the shops and travel around the city to capture everything worth knowing about the hype, mythos and reality in and around fashion in Berlin.

About the Authors:
Katia Mossina is an artist and performer based in Berlin.
Katia’s works are always a reflection of modern lifestyle and arts and have been already showcased at the prestigious Fashion Museum in Antwerp.

Natasha Binar moved from London, where she completed her master's in Social Psychology, to Berlin and started her own PR company before she discovered her true passion - story telling. Natasha writes about fashion and social and cultural issues for several magazines and online publications.

Release date July 2011, published by GrebennikovPublishing House (,

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