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Eleanna Tabouri Eleanna Tabouri

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Blogs We Love: Portraits of Elegance

Freitag, Dez. 10, 2010, 11:41 / Milan, Italy

If we all truly live life to our own beat, Eleanna Tabouri's tune might be that of a full piece orchestra or something you would hear wafting out of a beautiful opera house. She oozes glamour and her blog, Portraits of Elegance, is a place where she certainly lives up to her name. As a Milan resident who works for a boutique hotel in Greece, she sees plenty of lavishness from the streets of her city to the hallways of her hotel. She transports this sense to the pages of her blog with a style diary, tips on how to wear the latest fashion trends, her personal style icons and a small peek into the life of a hotelier. TribaSpace had a chat with Tabouri about when the hotel and fashion worlds collide, living elegantly and being yourself.

TribaSpace: Why did you name your blog Portraits of Elegance? Are you an embodiment of that name?
Eleanna Tabouri: I think so! Elegance is a concept, a sense, that exists everyday in my life, in everything I do. I named my blog Portraits of Elegance because I wanted to create a unique 'photo album' that contains pictures, portraits, of everything and everyone who embodies the word 'elegance' whether a person, a style icon or a gorgeous boutique hotel.

What exactly is your profession? Are their similarities in the hotel and fashion worlds?
At the moment I work at our family business as a Director of Marketing and Sales. My parents own a boutique hotel in Greece, a mansion that used to be an old silk mill (the building is from 1900). We focus on the ultimate accommodation and a top deluxe experience infused with style. Everything is uniquely decorated up to the last detail with regional luxury that is totally in harmony with the traditional architecture. Of course there are similarities among "hoteling" (as i call the hotel world) and fashion: you need dedication, many hours of work and passion in order to offer high quality services.

What is unique about Italian style? What do you love about it?
Italian style is passionate, true, authentic and original! In Italy and especially in Milan, where I live, you can find casual, cool clothing as much as sophisticated, formal styles. Italians take pride in their appearance, from their clothes and shoes to accessories. What i love about Italian style is that, Italians adore getting all dressed up in their signature elegance. If you had clothes like they did, you'd want to dress up all the time as well!

What is your style philosophy?
ET: To tell you the truth I owe everything to my family. Since I was a child, i have learned all about fabrics, silk and cashmere, how to comprehend them all and their differences. My style philosophy is to be unique, to be yourself, to be inspired but not to copy, to trust your imagination and most of all to support your style with what you wear. Sometimes I hear people say "Does this match with that? Does blue go with black?" I say that everything matches with anything, as long as you support it!

Your blog takes a magazine like approach with a lot of fashion tips. Do you have aspirations to be a fashion editor?
ET: As much as I would love to, it is hard even to imagine becoming a fashion editor. It would be fantastic, however my profession is working as a hotelier. However if I had the opportunity to do business, i wouldn't miss the chance. Believe me, my ambitions are unlimited!

How is your blog different than other fashion blogs?
I honestly think that every blog is different. The point is how different is it? What I know is that I created Portraits Of Elegance out of love for elegance and style, I put myself into it, I created something that reflects my personality. What matters to me is that a blog should have unique content and not reproduce photos or news that are already on the Internet––not to copy other blogs. I am doing everything my way and this is what makes my blog different.

Where do you find inspiration?
Everything can inspire me. I love mixing colors that I find in nature. Nature is perfect, flawless––it is amazing how many combinations you can discover that you would have never imagined. In addition textures––I adore, for example, wearing a silk shirt, with a tweed blazer and a cashmere cape. But when I want to put something on, I imagine myself sitting in a cafe, drinking a coffee and suddenly I am watching a woman, passing in front of me wearing something great, making a good impression with her clothing and style.

Megan Cahn | TribaSpace

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