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Sarah Runnalls AW2010 campaign | photographed by Matthew Burditt Sarah Runnalls AW2010 campaign | photographed by Matthew Burditt

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Vancouver Fashion Week: a TribaSpace pick of Canada’s finest

Freitag, Dez. 3, 2010, 14:54 / Vancouver, Canada

With the spotlight on Vancouver Fashion Week, TribaSpace highlights some of the sought-after and upcoming talent of the Pacific Northwest.

Sarah Runnalls
Just 23-years-old, Sarah Runnalls is already considered an experienced and mature designer. Originally from Victoria and now based in Vancouver, Sarah is consistently following her approach to create both original and modern pieces.

Sarah began designing as a self-taught artist at the age of 14. In 2007, after a series of moderate group shows, Sarah had her first solo debut. After enrolling at Helen Lefaux Fashion Design School in 2008, a year later, she graduated from Blanche MacDonald Centre with an Outstanding Achievement in Design award. Her style can be described as elegant and sophisticated with gothic undertones, expressed through aristocratic details and feminine silhouettes. Sarah Runnalls Spring 2011 collection features a lighter pallet of creamy, neutral tones, loosely 1950s inspired ladylike shapes in cotton, wool and silk. Rebellion and aristocratic icons Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot and Kate Moss inspire Sarah’s style.

Sarah Runnalls collections are sold at various local stores including the Ayden Gallery in Vancouver, and she takes custom design requests. Sarah will show for the second time at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Drew William
The mens and womenswear Edmonton-born designer initially studied photography on a scholarship at Emily Carr University in Vancouver. In 2006 Drew William moved to London as an exchange student, and was assigned to the wrong class – fashion design – at Central Saint Martins.

The unexpected turn proved to be an experience that still forms his works today. Experimenting with textiles and various cutting methods, Drew William took and absorbed inspirations by many European designers including his former mentor and employer Henrik Vibskov before starting his own menswear line. It wasn’t until his Autumn/Winter 2010 debut that Drew began designing women’s clothing too, which surprisingly received more attention than his menswear. Drawing inspiration from Eugene Delcroix’s paintings, Drew William’s fashion show at VFW2010 was reminiscent of the French Romantic period. Words Drew used to describe his show were “crashing masts”, “serene sadness”, and “sobriety of dead bodies”. The drapery on the dresses is his significant point: “The technique on each dress is so important. I actually had pieces of fabric cut into squares, and then turned them into the draping you saw on most of the dresses, to create the effect of a ship’s sail.”

Drew William was recently nominated for ‘Fashion Designer of the Year’, for 2010, by Western Living Magazine, and has plans to publish a book of his photographic works in the coming year.

Jacqueline Conoir
Roze Merie Cuevas created her label Jacqueline Conoir in 1985, and opened her first boutique the following year. The Jacqueline Conoir label has a long history of designing silk evening gowns and bridal wear. However, Jacqueline Conoir’s signature remains elegant business ladies’ suits, freshly interpreted by Roze Merie Cuevas as early as the late 1980s. Contemporary tailoring integrated into women’s “power suits” has quickly made Jacqueline Conoir a fashion favourite. Suits in any shape or forms are made of natural fabrics and form the backbone of each collection.

Fall 2010 offers, to no exception many well thought-through options for a professional woman. The wide range of suits is an obvious result of many years of design and manufacturing experience. Classic styles are updated every season and new styles are added as a result of Cuevas’ design creativity and current fashion direction. Women’s jacket suits and separate styles are up-to-date yet remain classic, and considered investment pieces among many busy customers.

Almost ten years ago, in 2001, the company has opened its 5000 square foot studio in False Creek, Vancouver, to make shopping for busy women efficient, stress free and fun.

TribaSpace is the official sponsor of Vancouver Fashion Week, which runs November 2nd-7th 2010.

Natasha Binar | TribaSpace

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