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Blogs We Love: Shoe Smitten

Freitag, Dez. 3, 2010, 10:56 / New York City, United States

Shoe Month was such a hit here at TribaSpace that we decided to give you a little encore with one final Shoe Blog We Love. While some of the others we featured were purely aspirational, we love Shoe Smitten for being the shoe blog for the regular women––the regular woman who dreams of Christian Louboutins that is. Blogger and recent Wichita, Kansas to New York City transplant, Anna Bassham celebrates the power a beautiful shoe has to transform how one feels, all the while letting us know about the latest deals and sales, cute shoe related inventions like tights made especially for wearing with boots, shoe tips such as where you can go to design your own pair of shoes, all mixed amongst interviews with shoe designers, and of course a selection of her favorite styles. We appreciate the flux of information Bassham shares and chatted with her about bargain hunting and big splurges.

TribaSpace: What is it that you love about shoes?  
Anna Bassham: A great pair of shoes really can lift my mood––all I have to do is put on a cute/sexy/stylish pair of shoes and I instantly feel better no matter what else is going wrong in my day.  Shoes are just such a fun way to accessorize an outfit, and they let me step out and say, "This is how I am, this is how I feel, and I LOVE it!"

When and why was Shoe Smitten]( started? 
I started writing Shoe Smitten back in April of 2008 as an outlet for my creativity and to explore my passion for shoes. It was just a hobby in the beginning, but I quickly gained a loyal following of shoe lovers who really helped me build Shoe Smitten into what it is today.

What do you look for in a shoe?  
Great fit, a high heel (with a platform!), gorgeous details and attitude! A shoe really has to grab my attention and make me gasp for me to buy it. It's really an emotional experience, shopping for shoes :)

How many shoes do you own? Which are your favorite and your dream pairs?  
I currently own 75 pairs and my favorite pair is my first pair of real designer shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti gold-heeled platforms that I scored at for $185!!!  Last pair, and in my size :).  However I would LOVE to own a pair of Christian Louboutins! The object of my current obsession is the Christian Louboutin Greissimo. My other favorite brands are Ruthie Davis and Rupert Sanderson.

How do you pick what goes on Shoe Smitten?  
It's a mixture of what I want myself and what I think are must-haves for my readers. I try to be down-to-earth but still present the best and most realistic picks for the average Shoe Smitten reader.

What is your blogging philosophy? 
I don't write just to write, I write when I find something that would be interesting to my audience or something that really inspires me. I share my honest opinions, whether I'm writing about a product, an event or a designer collection.  I want the blog to always be authentic and entertaining to my audience.  

How do you find out about all the sales?  
Some of them are emailed to me, but I also scavenge for them across the web.  I'm a true bargain hunter, so I'm always on the look, both for the blog and for myself!

Is fashion just a pleasure for you or do you involve yourself in the business side at all?  
Fashion is mostly a pleasure for me, but I am also involved in terms of online marketing.  I have explored the idea of going into the fashion industry in the future, perhaps as a representative of a designer or brand, or even designing my own line of shoes one day.

What other projects are you working on? Have you been apart of any projects because of the blog? 
I currently work at as the Community Manager/Social Media Manager, and I freelance for a few sites. I've just started a blog about living in a small apartment,, which unfortunately I haven't been able to devote much time to lately.  But soon! More projects are in the works that I can't quite talk about yet...stay tuned.

Megan Cahn | TribaSpace

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