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Chief Executive Officer CEO Alex Estiles Chief Executive Officer CEO Alex Estiles

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XXL Brands in Action – showcasing the best brands of Barcelona and beyond

Donnerstag, Dez. 2, 2010, 10:31 / Barcelona, Spain

Led by CEO Alex Estiles, Barcelona based branding agency XXL Brands in Action does almost everything that’s possible in the world of fashion communication. As the industry’s most well-known Spanish player, XXL offers global communication services that extend from the smallest planning detail to diverse areas such as press, advertising, public relations, showroom facilities and fashion production. The agency is ambitious and energetic in everything it does, and after fourteen years XXL remain at the forefront of fashion business. Their client list includes Custo Barcelona, Hermés, Christian Lacroix, Ferrari, Fred Perry and H&M, with legendary events like Bread & Butter counted among their best projects. The agency’s most recent challenge is The Brandery, an international tradeshow that promises to revolutionise the Southern European fashion scene.

TribaSpace spoke with CEO Alex Estiles to learn more about Spanish fashion, the company’s growth, and the growing importance of digital technology within fashion business.

TribaSpace: How did XXL Brands in Action begin?
Alex Estiles: Everything started with photography production, and from there we´ve grown to specialise in integrated communication.

What was the original idea and vision behind XXL Brands in Action?
We always imagined an agency that provided services at a global level, and that did not deplete in public relations for the marks. We wanted to provide a presence throughout the entire communication process. Our input had to be active from the creative phase in communication campaigns, advertising planning, and runway organisation, participating in each phase included in these processes.

XXL Brands in Action was created in 1996 to meet the growing demand of communication within the upscale retail market. How has the fashion industry evolved since then?
The industry has evolved as far as information channels are concerned – before we were limited to written press and television. Platforms like the Internet have acquired an incredible force; a democratisation of fashion information and an evolution of the interaction with the user took place. Fashion is no longer something exclusively directed and consumed by a concrete and specialised sector.XXL has, in that sense, always tried to be ahead in knowing where and how to communicate.

The agency offers a variety of services such as communication strategy, press, showroom, advertising campaigns, event production, e-communication, clipping and public relations. How do XXL Brands in Action manage the diversity and continue to be good at what you do?
We continue to work with the same intensity and desire as when we started. The secret is a great team, with the best person for each department.

The agency has clients as diverse as Tom Ford, H&M, Bread & Butter, Roberto Cavalli, Ferrari, Custo Barcelona, Hermés, Christian Lacroix and G-Star. What do you look for when choosing customers to represent?
Basically, we look for clients who have a specific need: to increase sales, to create a better image, etc.

XXL Brands in Action supports The Brandery, Fira de Barcelona´s international urban and contemporary fashion tradeshow (occurring on the 26th-28th of January in 2011). Tell us about the project – what is your role and motivation to be involved?
The Brandery wants to position itself as the urban fashion fair in Southern Europe. It went from being a host project and local presence, to having more than 200 exhibitors from European countries. XXL Brands in Action have been closely involved as a consultant of the project from its inception on behalf of Fira de Barcelona, and are responsible for the communication, team coordination and overall project organisation.

What innovations and opportunities will exhibitors find at The Brandery?
The Brandery is working really hard to have the main distributors of Europe present at the event. It also offers exhibitors and visitors the opportunity to participate in conferences, new spaces, novel proposals and activities in the city.

What inspires XXL Brands in Action?
Seriousness and professionalism.

How has the Spanish fashion market evolved?
Although some of designers have maintained their personality during the last several years, the really remarkable thing is the growth of the giant fashion producers who are literally present all over the world. A great example at local level is Custo Barcelona. From the beginning of XXL, Custo Barcelona has been one of our main clients and we have lived and worked with them for the internationalisation and growth of the brand. Spain also formed this growth thanks to great Spanish groups like Zara and Mango.

What is the future plan for XXL Brands in Action?
To maintain a high level of demand in order to continue providing needed services to our clients. To do this we must keep expanding our customer base, maintaining an adequate number so we can continue to do an amazing job.

What is your vision for the digital future of fashion?
It would be a mistake not to consider our presence in fashion from a digital perspective. You have to be present on these new platforms, no doubt. XXL Brands in Action are prepared to meet this enormous paradigm.

Diana Nóbrega | TribaSpace

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