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Blogs We Love: SHOELUST

Freitag, Nov. 26, 2010, 17:22 / New York City, United States

SHOELUST shoes speak for themselves. Thus the Tumblr platform is perfect for this blog, where images of fantastic footwear stand alone like little pieces of modern art. It is obvious why each shoe is on display without explanation from one of the eight SHOELUST bloggers. Simply the designer and the style is all we need to know when gazing at one of the beauties, whether it is a provocative Stuart Weitzman white rhinestone crystal emblazoned thigh-high, or a sweet pair of Marais blue satin mary-jane flats or anything in between. So without further ado, SHOELUST's most active blogger Nicole Helmeid, a girl who only owns 20 pairs of shoes but has an eye for style, talked to TribaSpace about the enjoyment in giving exposure to new designers and scouring the Internet for shoes for us to lust after.

TribaSpace: What is it that you love about shoes?
Nicole Helmeid:** I love how architectural and crazy they can be while still being physically wearable.

How many shoes do you own? Which are your favorite brands?
I only have around 20 pairs. I used to have maybe triple that, but since I moved to Manhattan where apartments are small I had to seriously edit my closet. My favorite brands that I actually wear are Rick Owens, Fiorentini + Baker, and FarylRobin. My favorites that I don’t own are Proenza Schouler, Noritaka Tatehana, and Givenchy.

What is your favorite pair you own? What is your dream pair?
My favorite pair that I own are patent leather side-zip Rick Owens combat boots. My dream pair is either Nina Ricci Fall 2009 black heel-less boots or Alexander McQueen "Armadillos".

What do you love about the style in New York City?
The style here is the best in the United States! People dress darker and take more risks than in any other of the major US cities.

What do you look for in a shoe?
For the blog I look for excel in design or extreme originality. Anything that grabs my attention- I look at A LOT of shoes so if it makes me stop and look I think its worth posting. A crazy heel-less shoe can be just as appealing to me as a beautifully crafted oxford. For my personal wear I look for something that is unique but can be worn in the city- you never know when you might have to walk 15 blocks.

What is your style philosophy?
I’m the type of person that picks one signature style and keeps that for several years. You would never catch me in Gareth Pugh and Rick Owens one day, and then wearing bright colors and high heeled clogs then next.

Why and when did you start your blog?
In March 2009 my friend Alexandra asked me if I wanted to be part of a shoe blog. I was in college at the time studying fashion and was excited to join. I have continued the blog since then with posts nearly every day. There are a total of eight contributors, but I post the most often because I think I have the most free time to scour the internet for shoes.

Is fashion just a pleasure for you or do you involve yourself in the business side?
I have a degree in fashion management and work as a wardrobe stylist for a major news organisation. I am lucky enough to be able to attend fashion week each season in New York and visit the showrooms of many designers.

What other projects are you working on? Have you been apart of any projects because of the blog?
I still have my personal blog Nicoleee which I had before Shoelust and I make jewelry for myself in my spare time.

How do you think blogging is changing the fashion industry?
I think blogging is making fashion more accessible since it is traditionally a closed off, exclusive industry. It also gives designers and companies a lot more feedback instantly.

Megan Cahn | TribaSpace

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