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Vicki Snow (left) and Pam Hogg Vicki Snow (left) and Pam Hogg

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Vicki Snow of Snow PR

Freitag, Nov. 26, 2010, 15:45 / United Kingdom

Vicki Snow set up her PR agency Snow PR just two years ago after being in the industry for almost a decade – as a consultant, PR manager and brand specialist working alongside with the UK finest talents such as On|Off’ creative director and founder Lee Lapthorne (now in his own right one of many Snow high-profile clients) and designers Pam Hogg, Laura Theiss and SINHA-STANIC. The agency’s portfolio reads like an eclectic yet thought-through mix of designer labels and high street fashion brands, counting PPQ, EMU Australia and Freemans. It is hard to define Vicki’s particular role but PR curator, event producer and sponsorship manager are all applicable. The entire life-cycle of a collection can be well managed by Snow starting with the “black book”, adding style and aspiration appeal, putting special guests to a campaign or event, enabling brand-partnership and finally taking care of international distribution and sale.

Despite her busy schedule in Paris, where Snow PR now run their showroom every season, Vicki Snow found time to talk to TribaSpace about her experience, inspirations and plans for the future.

TribaSpace: How did you come to work in the fashion industry?
Vicki Snow: It was a conscious decision. I worked in PR for a number of years on some high street fashion and other consumer brands but it was fashion that always excited and interested me.

What was the driving idea and the vision behind Snow PR?
I wanted to create an agency that offered something different to other fashion PR agencies. I had a consumer brand background, so could offer creativity and thinking ‘outside the fashion box’. I also wanted to help businesses develop and grow, hence the addition of sales of collections (to stores) and collaborations (with brands, sponsorship and others like PPQ’s exclusive collection for Office SS11) to the ‘Snow mix’.

How has the British fashion industry evolved throughout the last years?
A large proportion of high street brands have lost their individuality and what made them interesting. It’s also much harder for designers to make good money without compromising their artistic integrity.

What were your personal highlights?
Working on Pam Hogg’s SS10 show – we staged it in a basement car park off The Strand with Moet and Lotus sponsoring, the sound of the Lotus engines bringing her VIPs down to the catwalk space, the cold damp environment – it felt raw and the atmosphere was electric. The show was amazing too with Liberty Ross opening in a very revealing outfit! It was very Pam.

The PPQ SS11 show (which just took place at London Fashion Week) was also amazing to work on. The interest in brand is still so immense, a real credit to them after 10 years in the business. Everything just worked for this show and the atmosphere, again, electric. The party at the Westminster Plaza hotel too was the best of London Fashion Week (according to Popbitch and many that came!). Almost 2000 people turned up – the biggest event Snow has ever worked on. We were on a high after that. When you contribute to creating an atmosphere and an event that people rave about, that’s a highlight! Also, the launch of the Snow website. Strangely, I got very excited about this!

What are the projects you support during the coming fashion weeks?
Snow sales showroom in Paris had been the big one. We also have some fab new clients on board and looking forward to our 2nd birthday in January!

Your plans and your vision for the future?
We want to build brands and designers and where ever we can, help them grow and evolve and be the best they can. Same applies to Snow.

116 Great Portland Street
London W1W 6PJ
T: 020 7631 1805

Natasha Binar | TribaSpace

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