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Jan Busch Carlsen Jan Busch Carlsen

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Jan Busch Carlsen of Copenhagen Fashion Fairs

Freitag, Nov. 26, 2010, 15:32 / Denmark

Each fashion week works differently, but there is always a clever mix of shows and trade fairs put together to make it unique and recognisable. Copenhagen Fashion Week, starting today, is proof that Scandinavians are at least as good as anyone and can always do it better by staying ahead of the game. It is not only the international reputation of the fashion week, but the variety of the trade shows and specific places to see that makes Copenhagen a business-driven experience. Copenhagen Fashion Week cannot be spoken about without mentioning Copenhagen Fashion Fairs and especially CPH Vision, an established trade fair in Denmark. It has been held since 1998, survived several crises and is now back in business in the new season.

Jan Busch Carlsen, founder & owner and creative mind behind both Copenhagen Fashion Fairs and CPH Vision, reveals to TribaSpace his plans for the future and what to expect this season.

TribaSpace: Is there something fundamentally different and new this season at the CPH Vision?
Jan Busch Carlsen: In the past six months, CPH Vision / Terminal-2 have strengthened their profile by replacing some exhibitors with new, exciting designers to raise the bar. We have also added to our staff with the appointment of Anders Larsen as Sales Manager, and expect to expand our staff further next season. We have detected an increasing interest in participating in CPH Vision, which we have streamlined in a more feminine direction – unfortunately this means that we have had to turn away several applicants. We have also changed the look of the exhibition with a new stand system developed in collaboration with Sodemann.

Terminal-2 will continue with its urban/denim/casual/street and high end men’s wear. The event is totally sold out and even has a waiting list. We will be organising several activities in our 4500 square meter park including concerts, barbecues, etc. This time we have also included Keddelsmedjen, which has an area of 1000 square meters.

What is your long-term strategy for the CPH Vision going forward?
We have several plans in the pipelines with a view to strengthening both Copenhagen as the preferred fashion platform in Northern Europe, but also our own platform of Copenhagen Fashion Fairs. We have seen a growing interest from new exhibitors in addition to visitors who regard Copenhagen as a very attractive place to visit – they can find brands here that are not on offer elsewhere in Europe, in a relaxed environment with professional approach to the industry. We work in a very targeted way to strengthen and assist new, exciting designers in collaboration with established brands (who thereby raise their own profile). We do this with initiatives such as Designers Nest.

In the future we will be focusing on creating further qualitative initiatives by gathering more activities in Copenhagen under the Copenhagen Fashion Fairs umbrella, where the idea is to create more platforms with various directions that will come into their own in exciting environments. Each time we do something, we do it with the buyer in mind. Our future initiatives will continue to do that.

Your view on the future for Copenhagen Fashion Week in a Scandinavian and global context?
I expect that Copenhagen as a fashion centre will come out of the ‘crisis’ strengthened. Over the years, Copenhagen has always been clever at focusing on business to benefit visitors. Copenhagen has everything visitors need, such as excellent infrastructure and a clear fair structure, as well as a developing and inspiring design scene. Scandinavia is at the forefront of environmental politics/fair trade/corporate social responsibility. These things have suffered during the crisis, but are still alive and well in Scandinavia.

Natasha Binar | TribaSpace

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