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Sven Krueger of projektGALERIE

Freitag, Nov. 26, 2010, 15:28 / Germany

projektGALERIE showrooms is a fashion trade show comprised of multiple showrooms, known as a platform for both emerging designers and established names. Based in Berlin, projektGALERIE have hosted many Scandinavian designers this season, providing them with an opportunity to showcase collections in Berlin prior to their home base in Copenhagen. Rather than holding yet another fashion fair in anonymous exhibition halls, projektGALERIE exhibit in the galleries of Berlin Mitte, creating an inspiring platform for art and fashion.

David Andersen and barbara i gongini have been invited this season, completing and continuing an impressive list of Nordic and international brands that have chosen Berlin – specifically projektGALERIE – for their presentations. Others from the previous seasons include Camilla Norrback, Tillmann Lauterbach, Wendy & Jim, Minna Palmqvistand Marcel Ostertag, to name a few.

Innovation is a key focus within the selection criteria when determining participants. However, there is also a business rationale, as we discovered when we spoke with Sven Krueger, initiator of the project. Born in East Berlin and raised in the times of Germany reunited, prior to starting his own project, Sven studied film and theatre, and worked in the music industry in Cologne.

TribaSpace: What is the idea behind the projektGALERIE and how was it born?
Sven Krueger: projektGALERIE showrooms was basically an idea I had when studying and working as intern in Paris. I met many people from the industry there, including Alban Adam, who has been in charge of this season’s presentations. Berlin was always considered an art capital, and fashion came with Bread & Butter, at least in the area of street wear. Certainly Berlin has become an important meeting place for buyers and media looking into new avant-garde. However, we try to reflect what makes Berlin special – a feeling of endless opportunities, and an idea that fashion is part of the daily lifestyle. We have created an environment where fashion, art, design and street art all meet in synergy.

The basic idea back then was to simply shift the large exhibition halls flair into a complete street feeling, and to connect with true art inspiring us with the life of Berlin city in real time. We managed to convince many galleries to participate in our event, which is really a great achievement.

You promote young designers and international upcoming names. Is there an acceptance and interest to work with newcomers in Germany and internationally?
The acceptance and recognition of young designers was there and always will be. However, there is the question about what is the right format. Many buyers discover new names while visiting special events and exhibitions. Young designers sometimes might get lost in the huge exhibition hall. At the end though, the ultimate key to success is the business side and the right strategy, from production to sales and supporting PR and marketing activities. Many newcomers are one-season wonders, and I am constantly questioning why. The challenge is to stay on top and and to use marketing and PR to push your ideas forward.

What are your expectations in business and specifically after the event?
I expect the visitors be excited and really wanting to stay involved and engaged through our concept, which is primarily a very hardcore business minded approach targeting buyers, distributors and press. I consider our platform as a networking tool for new contacts and new information, necessary for managing and developing the business of fashion. Enlarging the next season by hosting more exhibitors and welcoming a larger number of visitors is on our list too. Then of course there is the development, improvement and refinement of our fashion presentations @ BLACK BOX THEATER which we now develop further with our partner CINE +.

I am very happy with my international team – their passion for the project and acceptance in the city. Premium Exhibitions have been a great partner from the beginning, teaming up to provide shuttle services and securing publication in their magazine. This is a great example of how fashion week is supposed to work, and I would be delighted to go this way.

Oderberger Strasse 22
10435 Berlin
P: 49 0 30 675 18 959
F: 49 0 30 675 18 960

Natasha Binar | TribaSpace

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