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Corinna Ellen Springer of Nouveau-PR

Freitag, Nov. 26, 2010, 14:01 / United States

Corinna Ellen Springer, is the brains behind and founder of Nouveau PR in New York City’s SoHo. During New York Fashion Week, Nouveau PR organized shows and exhibitions from Risto, Parkchoonmoo, Showroom Antwerp, and German/Korean menswear designer and Ecco Domani award-winner Siki Im–the agency also represents A.F. Vandevorst and LD Tuttle. A native of Waiblingen, Germany, Corinna is one of the best in the business at drawing American attentions to European brands of interest.

TribaSpace: What does it take to be a great publicist?
Corinna Ellen Springer: Faith, perseverance and passion.

How did you end up doing what you do?
I sort of fell into it. I was always interested in fashion and I didn’t know what part would suit me, since designing or making clothes was not it. I very much believe in synchronicity (in this case: meeting the right people at the right time in the right place). At first I didn’t really know what I wanted, but somehow through a series of synchronicities I met the right people. When I was an au-pair, I got to stay at a journalist’s house and he gave me tickets for the shows at the Carrousel du Louvre, where I eventually met fashion students. I gave them my ticket for the Chanel show, and they came after the show to thank me and introduce me to two German designers. I started helping them out whenever they came to Paris, and a few years later I ended up at Totem as an intern.

Seeing collections and shows like the ones of Raf Simons and A.F. Vandevorst (and at the time Olivier Theyskens), I knew that fashion was right for me–that it was more than just clothes, that it could convey a feeling, that it could lift people up or even question political realities, like Raf Simons does. I feel now, especially, how fashion serves to express someone’s state of mind and outlook on life.

What’s Nouveau PR’s philosophy, in terms of what brands you take on and why? Do you aim to diversify your client base or work within a theme?
There’s a lot of brands that come here. I give a lot of the young ones a chance to meet and only few of them actually end up being clients. I believe in creativity, a healthy balance of a business mind and talent, and a certain potential through branding. A lot of young designers are not aware of the reality of the business, though.
Somehow most brands [represented by Nouveau-PR] have a certain European flair even if they are not from Europe, but there is no theme. I’m actually trying to open up more and be a tiny bit less selective, but it is difficult–you have to believe 200% in the brand to be able to put it out there.

What differences do you sense between operating Public Relations in New York, Berlin, and other fashion capitals?
Let’s say this: What I like about New York is that people are a tad less cliquey than in Europe, more open to new things, and always open to new business.

What actions should brands be taking to adapt to fluctuating market conditions?
SUSTAINABILITY. Focus on the core of your brand, and focus on your core customer!

How have you found social media and new technological developments beneficial (or not) to your business and its ability to grow in conventional and unconventional ways? In what ways do you utilize these tools?
I use Facebook, and we have a group page. Twitter sometimes, but I’m not good at updating my status on both. I feel that blogging is on one hand creating alternative opinions to the most influential ones–it’s democratizing the whole thing. But on the other end, a split in perception is occurring–information is updated all the time and depending on which moment of the day you check on a site, you will have a completely different message and different designer.

In terms of direct contact with the customer and the blogs, I support websites and publications, e-commerce and retail, as opposed to wholesale. I think the future is all about creating pockets of information around one designer.

150 Spring Street #3 New York, NY 10012
Tel 646 861 1976 Fax 646 861 1974

Samantha Garfield | TribaSpace

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