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Copenhagen Waits In The Wings: What to Expect

Donnerstag, Nov. 25, 2010, 13:43 / Denmark

After a lengthy break from Berlin Fashion Week, we’re packing our bags and diving back into the Spring/Summer 2011 season. Copenhagen Fashion Week is just around the corner with a full schedule of events. From August 11th-15th, see four major trade shows, stop by City Hall for the official runway shows, or hop between dozens and dozens of showrooms, and a slew of brunches, photo sessions and exhibits.

As always, we’ve compiled you a list of where to be, when. So book that last-minute flight, or stay home and watch TribaSpace’s Copenhagen Fashion Week Channel, where we’ll be posting news and photos from every stop we make.

The Runway

From August 11th-14th, 44 runway shows will take place in Copenhagen’s City Hall. We’d personally recommend Stine Goya, a line who, last season, revolutionized the dip-dye process in citrus shades. We also love Rützou, who’ll show on the opening day from 8-9PM, a prime time slot, to be sure. Jean//Phillip will also show, as well as Margit Brandt, Bllack Noir, and Wood Wood (a favorite among Berliners). Minimarket, Sweden’s darling, is also sure to knock you out with their color palette and fun accessories and embellishments.

Trade Shows

CPH Vision (and CPH Kids), Terminal-2, Gallery, CIFF (and CIFF Kids) will run alongside the shows from August 12th-15th. And for the first time ever, in collaboration with the trade association Dansk Mode & Textil, reached a formal agreement on the operation and development of Copenhagen Fashion Week. Together, these establishments decided to move the season up a week, in order to accommodate the travel schedules of the nearly 100,000 international buyers who visit Copenhagen. All Swedish, Danish and Norwegian hands on deck hope to establish Copenhagen, in this manner, as Scandinavia’s greatest fashion capital.

“We need to focus on and nurture the unique advantages and differences that Copenhagen and Copenhagen Fashion Week have instead of putting so much effort into constantly comparing ourselves to Paris or London”, said Sales and Marketing Director Jesper Åndahl of Bella Center/CIFF.


The World’s Greatest Catwalk

On August 14th at 3PM, head down to Copenhagen, Strøget, where the pedestrian street will have been transformed into a mile-long runway, or The World’s Greatest Catwalk. Helena Christensen (native to Denmark) is to give a speech, then open the show. The event, designed to break the world record for “longest catwalk”, is organized by the aforementioned Copenhagen Fashion Council, which is comprised of Copenhagen Fashion Week, Dansk Fashion & Textile, and all the season’s trade shows.

The 220 models who will walk will be dressed in garments from over 500 Scandinavian brands, with looks coordinated by design agency Femmes Regionales.

The Cover Blogger Camp

The blog “phenomenon” of late has officially caught the attention of official fashion institutions, and over the past year or two, fashion bloggers have been accommodated (and then some) by events catered to help them network. At PREMIUM Exhibitions in Berlin, we went to the Blogosphere get-together, where budding bloggers and well-established ones alike got to know one-another and exchange tips.

Now, there’s Blogger Camp, in collaboration with COVER Magazine, which will run each day at Copenhagen’s Terminal-2 from 11AM to 6PM, August 12th-15th. The event is designed to cater to growing blogger interest in attending and covering shows, fairs and fashion week-related events. COVER Magazine and Terminal-2, in partnership, will host an area equipped with computers, from which bloggers can post images and articles, and of course, socialize with each other. Each day will feature a lecture on blogging and branding, at 1:30PM.

Bloggers who wish to attend must have a valid CPH Vision & Terminal-2 press card or have been invited.

Samantha Garfield | TribaSpace

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