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Ekovarhuset/House of Organic in NYC Ekovarhuset/House of Organic in NYC

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Ekovaruhuset: sustainable fashion in Stockholm and New York City

Freitag, Nov. 19, 2010, 13:27 / Stockholm, Sweden

Ekovaruhuset, or House of Organic in Swedish, is one of the most committed and original ethical fashion boutiques in the world. Located in both New York City and Stockholm, the shop features the designs of several young and cutting-edge labels, including those of the shops’ owner, Swedish-born Johanna Hofring. The stores’ entire inventory consists of “fair made” clothing and accessories, meaning that the garments are manufactured in equitable conditions in which as little harm as possible is done to the earth.

In the late 90s, Hofring was known to the New York City zeitgeist as the founder of the Art Fiend Collective. Her tiny shop on the Lower East side was home to a number of cool designers, including herself, and was recognized as one of the establishments that kept the burgeoning-yet-fragile downtown scene fresh. In 2004, Johanna started to realise the impact of the clothing industry on the environment and shifted her priorities dramatically.

“Like most of us, Hofring told Goodlifer at New York City Fashion Week, “I had no idea what kind of effect the textile industry has on the environment. I had heard a story or two about mistreated workers in sewing factories, but had never been able to grasp the amount of violations against human rights and our earth that are committed in the name of vanity and profit.” She began to use exclusively organic materials in her work and “Then,” she says, “it got really exciting.”

Hofring returned to Stockholm, an historically green city, and opened the first Ekovaruhuset boutique. The store was such a huge success that she decided re-open the Art Fiend space as the second Ekovarhuset. The shops are home to the designs of the House of Organic collective, which is comprised of over 13 designers and labels who come from all over the world. Labels include Jennifer Wen Ma, Renata Mann, Mika Machida, Melissa Kirgan and Xing-Zheng Chung.

Hofring herself is a self-proclaimed crochet-a-holic and “self-elected godmother of the eco-nerds”, who is not afraid to spend weeks on a garment and believes that “you can never put too much love into a dress.”

123 Ludlow St
New York

Österlånggatan 28

Catherine Levy | TribaSpace

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