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Wut Berlin, Tokyo Wut Berlin, Tokyo

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Berlin fashion in Shibuya at Wut Berlin

Freitag, Nov. 19, 2010, 12:50 / Tokyo, Japan

Wut Berlin has been on the illustrious and all-encompassing Tokyo retail scene since 2006. Founded by Yann Le Goec in collaboration with the H.P.FRANCE Group, the shop carries exclusively Berlin-based designers or designers who work and show in Berlin. The concept is an interesting one, as the Wut Berlin website states, “[we] show a selection of young Berlin and international designers in a space which reflects the beauty and the chaos of Berlin city. It is a space that offers prospects, possibilities of change and rediscovery.”

According to Yann, “due to its history, Berlin provides a very creative platform for showing any kind of artistic project (fashion, art, music, etc.). There is a kind of freedom of expression, which we can’t find in more conservative cities like New York, Milan and Paris.” Indeed, it’s undeniable that the German capital attracts creative souls from every corner of the world, and in recent years has become a melting pot of artistry and originality.

Yann developed a strong interest in fashion from a very early age. Originally from France, he worked as a designer for Givenchy Japan, after which he moved to Osaka to work as a fashion design teacher for ESMOD in Osaka. Finally moving to Tokyo in 2002, Le Goec began working for the Japanese fashion powerhouse, H.P.FRANCE, building the foundations for the Wut Berlin project.

It’s often been noted that popular culture manifests itself in a sponge-like manner amongst the Japanese public, “Tokyo is a very fashionable city. Young Japanese people are always looking for new designers and they are very curious about other cultures. [I buy] for a very open-minded customer”. If you ever have the privilege to experience the glorious chaos that is Wut Berlin, you can expect to find innovative and at times avant-garde designers such as Anntian, Starstyling, Vladimir Karaleev and Hui Hui hanging amongst the racks.

“I want people to be able to experience a new way of shopping. The store display expresses the energy of the word “Wut” (anger in German). It is a stage in which they become actors. We hope our selection could help them to express who they really are inside or who they would like to be.”

Wut Berlin
5-1-15, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan

Sophie von Oswald | TribaSpace

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