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Hôtel Particulier Hôtel Particulier

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Hôtel Particulier: a concept boutique in Paris

Freitag, Nov. 19, 2010, 12:44 / Paris, France

In the way of Parisian concept stores such as Merci and Éclaireur, Hôtel Particulier is as much a gallery as it is a boutique. Featuring a carefully curated selection of clothing, cosmetics, and even furniture, this is a venue for those who know what they want, but are yet on the hunt for rare surprises. Located in an 18th century mansion in the trendy neighborhood of Chatelet-Les Halles, the space was designed by Dirk Engelen of Belgium-based design studio B-Architecten. The boutique has both the intimacy of a Salon and the clean lines and lightness of an installation-space.

Founded in the spring of 2009 by Laetitia and Vanessa Roggwiller, the daughters of Belgian leatherwear mogul Philippe Rogwiller, the boutique has been carving a niche within the Parisian shopping scene by carrying smaller labels alongside well-established brands. For example, one can find garments by Kris Van Assche, Vivienne Weswood’s Red Label and Gaspard Yurkievich, beside newcomers such as the freaky French furrier Quentin Veron and the young duo ABirato. The boutique makes a point to champion fresh Parisian talent as well—for example, the Roggwiller sisters dedicated an entire room to David Szeto for the shop’s grand opening. In fact, buyer Nicolas Domarle seems to go out of his way to mentor and support new designers, reviving some aspects of the traditional relationship between buyer and young designer.

In addition to the powerful selection of clothing and accessories, Hôtel Particulier carries cool home décor (Klevering) yummy perfumes and cosmetics (État Libre D’Orange), and intriguing jewellery (Alexis Mabille).

Hôtel Particulier
15 Rue Léopold Bellan
75002, Paris
Tel: + 33 150 399 000
Fax: +33 140 399 069
Email: Contact(at)
Tue-Sat: 11:00-19:30 (late night opening 21:00 on Thurs)

Catherine Levy | TribaSpace

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