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Line Gallery, Berlin Line Gallery, Berlin

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Line Gallery: Australian design in Berlin

Freitag, Nov. 19, 2010, 12:40 / Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a constantly changing city of new beginnings. Artists, writers and designers flock to the German capital in droves, seeking the low living costs, the creative scene and the truly wild parties. It is in this environment that Sam Gant decided to open Line Gallery (appropriately situated on Linienstrasse) in June 2009.

Line Gallery deals exclusively in goods imported from the land down under (and it’s little sister, New Zealand), “I wanted to bring two places together that are so far apart in terms of distance but very similar in terms of character and style. Berlin is such an up-and-coming city, I thought people would love the designs here too.”

Working as a trendspotter and stylist in Berlin, Sam previously worked in sales, design and development for the innovative Australian footwear label Orbit. “I had the idea to bring in designers that I would never see around when I was styling. All the designers I carry do really well in London and Australia, and I wanted to give them a chance to do well in other parts of Europe.” Some highlights from her array of aussie talent include Sass and Bide, Claude Maus, Rittenhouse, Bassike and Stolen Girlfriends Club. “I really buy for myself and for my style. I love good fabrics and nice, organic, simple lines. Nothing too in your face but won’t lose you in the crowd unless you want it to. I love the way the clothes [I buy] feel fantastic on the body, and how they sit is beautiful. They are simple but very elegant designs.”

Minimalist yet cosy, the shop mirrors the clothes’ aesthetic in every way. Whitewashed walls, vintage furniture (that is also for sale) and lots of lines! “We made the store like a clothes line… fashion lines, Linienstrasse (line street in German), it also developed into the Hills Hoist [designed in 1945 in Adelaide, Australia] which is featured on my logo”.

When asked who her ideal customer is, Sam’s reply is, “Everyone that has a love of fashion but wants to be a little more subtle and have some individuality about it”.

Don’t wait too long to be Sam’s customer though, since the Linienstrasse store will be relocating in early May. And for those of you neither in Berlin nor anywhere near Australia, Sam says she’ll be launching an online store very soon.

Line Gallery
Linienstrasse 159
10115, Berlin
Tel: +49 0 3028883361
Tues-Sat: 12:00-19:00

Sophie von Oswald | TribaSpace

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