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Shop of the Week – Très Bien

Donnerstag, Nov. 18, 2010, 16:57 / Malmö, Sweden

If you think the all the major players in Swedish fashion hang out in Stockholm, there’s a whole host of dedicated Trés Bien Shop fans that would beg to differ…

This Malmö based retailer with a focus on men’s fashion and street wear made their debut on to the Swedish fashion scene in 2003 when they opened their first retail venue in the university town Lund outside of Malmö. They now have an additional store in Helsingborg and a web shop since 2006. Why Malmö and Helsingborg? They share an intimate, small city atmosphere but also a progressive and active street wear scene.

Trés Bien Shop set themselves apart from so many other retailers not only by their ambition to offer en eclectic and well finished blend of fashion and street wear to the fashion hungry, but also because they are avid bloggers who travel far and wide to find that perfect collection. On their site you will find posted videos from fashion shows and showrooms as well as inspirational photographs and pictures of their brands.

Try calling them and you’ll only end up at a coach travels company in south of Sweden. It seems the Trés Bien guys disconnected their phone because they were simply getting too many calls, distracting them from doing what they do best – promoting Scandinavian brands such as Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair and Henrik Vibskov, high profilers Comme des Garcons and Junya Watanabe MAN and Maison Martin Margiela, as well as the occasional concert with a Malmö based band.

If you’re nowhere near Sweden and want to buy that razor sharp tailored suit online, there’s a comprehensive way of finding out if it will fit you – next to each photo of the model wearing the garments you’ll find their name, height and the size of the garment, bringing a personal touch to your virtual shopping.

The Très Bien Shop in Malmö is located at Friisgatan 14.

Sagal | TribaSpace

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