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Shop of the Week: Cabinet by Departmentstore Quartier 206

Dienstag, Nov. 16, 2010, 12:04 / Berlin, Germany

Departmentstore Quartier 206 is now almost as well-known in Berlin as the Brandenburg Gate – it’s a must-see, especially for fashion-conscious visitors. Opened twelve years ago when the city was going through its biggest architectural change and Friedrichstrasse was one large construction site, Quartier 206 was conceived as a luxury boutique with an exclusive selection of international names.

The owners Anne Maria Jagdfeld, a dedicated collector of high-end lifestyle and design items, and her son Nikolaus Jagdfeld, responsible for business operations and influential for strategic decisions, did not stop there – they have now launched Cabinet by Departmentstore Quartier 206, a concept store aimed at those who look to experiment with high fashion.

Alexander Wang, Christopher Kane, Current/Elliott, Helmut Lang, Isabel Marant and Opening Ceremony, as well as a large selection of shoes and accessories, can all be found in the almost 400-square-metre basement boutique. Even if your budget is tight, the store is definitely worth visiting. The eclectic, inspiring atmosphere is the result from a mix of original art works, photography and design objects, creating a modern day cabinet of curiosities. The owners consider Cabinet “a theatre of the world, wearing sneakers by day and playing dress-up by night in the finest of international fashion”.

Just a few weeks ago, Cabinet by Departmentstore Quartier 206 made its debut online, opening its first e-commerce store TribaSpace spoke with the manager Nikolaus Jagdfeld about online business for high-end fashion and plans for the future.

TribaSpace: What do you look for when choosing designers to stock online? Do you find the brands or do they find you?
Nikolaus Jagdfeld: We are actively looking for brands. Our buyers visit many international fairs and seek the exclusive and new collections that would add more charm to our selection. Every day, there are many lookbooks and catalogues arrive in our buying office. In the end, the stock will represent collections that could be interesting for our customers and can rarely be found anywhere else.

TS: What labels are your favorite latest discovery and why?
NJ: Mad et Len! We are a department store, not only a multi-brand fashion store. Our selection includes different categories. The Mad et Len's fragrances, as well as the company attitude, is so sexy.

TS: Are your online customers predominately outside of your home region? What customer trends surface in your statistics?
NJ: Yes, our online customers are based outside of Berlin. They are looking for fashion, not only high-end brands. Our online customers just enjoy fashion trends and play with styling however they want, be it well-fitted jeans or to the latest Isabel Marant sneakers.

TS: Do you think using social media presence helps you reach your clientele and generate awareness about the store? Does it translate into online sales?
NJ: We are working on social media and have noticed how important it is to be there. Today, the customers are looking for information using Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else online, and then come into the store. Many know the exact details before they visit the store. Of course our online store offers those customers possibilities to purchase immediately online no matter where they live.
For e-commerce, we are still very young. But Cabinet wants to put the inspiration and excitement into Internet. No matter whether its shopfront or online, there is one store with the same quality of service.

TS: What can we expect to see in-store for next season?
NJ: Chloë Sevigny and Rodarte for Opening Ceremony, Kitsune and more collections exclusively at Cabinet and online.

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Natasha Binar | TribaSpace

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