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Donnerstag, Juli 18, 2013, 10:14 / Paris, France

Dear Lifestyle Aficionados,

We are pleased to announce that VON EUSERSDORFF New York has taken over the front window of prestigious perfume haven JOVOY in Paris.

In Addition to featuring the 4 olfactory opuses by VON EUSERSDORFF New York, the stellar window display, created by the brand's in house team of merchandisers, also includes an collectable apothecary bronze grinding pot owned by the Von Eusersdorff Family since the 15th century.
The flower arrangements are created by A-list Paris floweriest, Clarisse Béraud from ATELIER VERTUMNE.

VON EUSERSDORFF New York Pop Up Window - which will remain in place for a total period if two weeks - is already attracting much praise from visiting clients and dedicated niche perfume aficionados alike.


The luxury perfumery embassy of JOVOY stands as an iconic landmark in the French capital. Located only a stone throw from the legendary Place Vendôme, this authenticated rare perfume haven is best reputed for its exclusive selection of niche brands by the likes of Amouage, Byredo, Honoré des Près, Mona Di Orio, Olfactive Studio, Parfums d'Empire, Visconti, Parfums Jovoy and of course Von Eusersdorff.

The name VON EUSERSDORFF New York echoes the historical heritage of the label's founding ancestors; a family of German traders expert in the world-distribution of rare floral essences;
mastering across nearly three centuries, an artisan practice that served as the cradle for the perfume industry as we currently know it.

The 4 Eaux de Parfum by VON EUSERSDORFF New York include:


The olfactory opuses by VON EUSERSDORFF New York are available at select perfumeries and concept store worldwide including:

Jovoy Paris, Arôma Soins & Parfums, Sens Unique, Jenny Packham (France)
Aromateka (Russia)
Aus Liebe Zum Duft, Dawid Tomazsewki (Germany)
Tenue de Nîmes ,Clio, Cloud Nine, Kabinet, PL Line, Parfumaria (The Netherlands)

For further Sales & Public Relations inquiries, please contact:

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