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Introducing "The Tuxedo" by STEFANIE RENOMA New Guard of The French Dapper Elite

Montag, März 11, 2013, 18:05 / Paris, France

The very name of RENOMA evokes all the dapper and elegance which made the Parisian elite and the international jet set gleamer throughout the 80’s.

Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, David Bailey, John Lennon, Debby Harry, Mick Jagger, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin...are as many emblematic figures of RENOMA's alluring essence.

Today, STEFANIE RENOMA prolongs her father's creative path by instilling a radical new current to the brand created more than thirty years ago by Maurice Renoma.

STEFANIE RENOMA chose to deploy her stylistic command with a first collection articulated around the Tuxedo, a great classic borrowed from the gentlemen’s cabinet.

Impeccable tailoring, drawned from the noblest fabrics yet always emphasizing practicality and infinite comfort. The construction and finishing details are all made entirely by hand in the brand’s own ateliers.

The silhouette, almost surgical, is cut to measure for a modern woman who is above all sensual and liberated from of any material or dogmatic restrains. Like STEFANIE RENOMA, her clients assume their beauty simply, naturally and in a relaxed demure.

The trademark Tuxedo by STEFANIE RENOMA is available in a galaxy of colors as vibrant as they are improbable; ranging from caviar black and ash grey to grenadine red, through evening blue and pastel nuances.

The perfecto, the multi-pocket jacket, the “Saharan” boiler, the silk blouse and the little black dress ... as well as other timeless "must-have" will soon emulate the future collections by STEFANIE RENOMA.
With such State of The Art design ethos, the brand positioned itself within the accessible luxury market segment.

With her concept store KOMPLEX, located 118 rue de Longchamps in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, STEFANIE RENOMA already counts among her loyal customers, actresses the likes of Mischa Barton, Julie Depardieu, Melanie Laurent, Ludivine Sagnier or Isabelle Adjani.

The address is also the rallying point of a-list international "Fashionistas" always on the lookout for what's best in the French capital.

For Sales & Public Relations inquiries, please contact:

Produkt-Gruppen: Consulting, Representation, Sales, Fabrics, Illustration, Media, Ready-to-Wear, Shoes, PR, Fragrance, Publishing, Denim, Vintage, Cosmetics, Contemporary, Act as an Agent, Ethical Wear, Creation, Jewellery, Couture, Buying, Photography, Eyewear, Accessories, Promotion, Millinery, Textiles
Märkte: Men's, Other, Women's

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