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Balluta selected for the Emerging Designers at the Micam tradeshow

Freitag, Sep. 13, 2019, 12:46

Balluta selected for the Emerging Designers at the Micam tradeshow
Brand was chosen for both 2019 editions of the largest footwear fair in the world
Balluta is a portuguese brand of vegan footwear that offers statement shoes to cosmopolitan and conscious women. Designed and produced in Portugal, the brand uses traditional techniques and ecological materials of excellence that reflect its commitment with sustainability.
In 2018, Ballūta was one of 12 brands selected by a prestigious jury for the MICAM Emerging Designers event, among hundreds of applications, to exhibit in both 2019 editons of the largest footwear tradeshow in the world. The next edition will be held in Milan from the September 15th to the 18th and the brand’s booth will be located in Hall 4e.
Always at the forefront of sustainable material development, Ballūta will be presenting its SS20 Afarensis Collection Edition I which features a ground-breaking toxic chemicals free, water-based and bio-poliols vegan leather produced in Italy in an innovative solar-powered factory.

PRESS RELEASE 11.09.2019

According to the brand’s founder and Creative Director, Catarina Pedroso: “Celebrating 1 year since our launch, the opportunity to participate in such an international event is of paramount importance to the growth and development of the company. We are starting to pursue a physical presence with retailers accross the world and the exposure provided by this invitation to the Emerging Designers event at the Micam is a crucial asset.”
“After Ballūta’s launch last year, 2019 kicks-off with a big step forward on our path for an ever improving sustainable business: from now on, we will be launching one collection per year and dropping products throughout the retail calendar while keeping all our previous collections available” ensures Catarina.
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More about Balluta:

Created by Catarina Pedroso, Ballūta is a footwear brand connecting fashion, sustainability and art.
Born and raised in Lisbon, Catarina’s family tradition of bullfighting at their countryside estate had a pro- found effect on her as a child and influenced her to become a vegetarian.
A graduated artist and designer, Catarina infuses the brand’s collections with a strong creative backbone that translates into an aesthetic aiming to inspire both feeling and thought.
Each piece is handmade in Portugal and crafted from carefully sourced high-end vegan materials.

For more information:
Catarina Pedroso
Founder & Creative Director
+351 914 463 780

Produkt-Gruppen: Footwear
Märkte: Women's

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