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oipnglügg, goldader & almwiese oipnglügg, goldader & almwiese

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Montag, Juni 4, 2012, 10:01 / München, Germany

Blue jeans have ousted the french culotte from the streetwear scene. That`s why we have developed this dynamic interpretation to give medieval power-fashion a contemporary makeover .
And this is what it looks like... made of high-quality 13.5 ounce denim, the 'oipnglügg' (translates as "Alpine joy") looks like a mix of traditional lederhose and drop-crotch shorts. This unisex trews are the second series after the oinglügg-firmament. They were made with embroideries of agave cactus or alpine flowers - equipped with deep pockets in which either a beer pitcher or a large bottle of Jägermeister would fit comfortably and a smaller pocket in the inside flap where is room for some snuff, you can feel ready for the Biergarten.

made in Italy (PD)
strong 13,5 oz quality denim, 100% cotton by Berto(ita)
geppebba® oipnglügg _ features :
tearproof low crotch
easy to open buttoned flap
pockets: 2 BIG ones in front, a small one inside the flap,
a zipper-pocket on the right side, a classic back-pocket and
a traditional 14cm deep knife-pocket for the optional deer hunt
stageless fastening suspenders (detaching the suspenders is also possible)
sideways traditional lacening + size adjustment on the backside
pleasant & elaborated embroideries

"De Oipn san de hechstn Beag vo Bayern
und aa Glügg vo dera Wöid ibahaapt.
D'Oipn san aa da Grund fia dn Föhn,
dea oanaseits oft a scheens Weda bringt,
oandraseits aba aa zuaständig is,
dass vui Leit a Schedlwäh hom."

Produkt-Gruppen: Sportswear, Ready-to-Wear, Denim, Casual Wear, Streetwear
Märkte: Men's, Women's

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