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Introducing PIETRADURA - The Quintessential Baroque High-End Jewelry

Montag, Mai 28, 2012, 17:55 / Paris, France

Established in Paris in 2007, PIETRADURA is a young jewelry house focusing on exceptional handmade fabrication, exclusively made in France.

With its baroque aesthetics and universal themes PIETRADURA creates authenticated gems-talismans symbolizing luxury at its absolute paroxysm.

The label’s Parisian studios maintain the highest standards in quality, mastering along with virtuosity and passion every competences of the jewelry trade, ultimately standing out as a true ambassador of an arts and crafts "Made in France".


Maxfield (Los Angeles)
CoutureLab (London)
Caratime (Paris)
Galeries Lafayette (Paris)

International Sales & Public Relations contact: Coudray FSPR+

Joyce Bidouzo-Coudray
+33 6 52 53 72 45

Produkt-Gruppen: Ready-to-Wear, Denim, Fragrance, Jewellery, Promotion, Illustration, Vintage, Contemporary, Consulting, Photography, Sales, Millinery, Representation, Accessories, Shoes, Act as an Agent, Media, Fabrics, Eyewear, Ethical Wear, Textiles, PR, Cosmetics
Märkte: Other, Women's, Men's

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