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Shapewear Revolution: Movers and Shapers

Mittwoch, Apr. 11, 2012, 18:34 / London, United Kingdom

By Carol AQUINO, Fashion Trendsetter, Editor-at-Large

[London], April 11, 2012 - When you hear about shapewear, you think of the 'granny pants' that Bridget Jones made famous the world over, you should reconsider.

Today's modern styles involve a substantial amount of technology to produce garments that not only tuck you in or are 'invisible' when worn under clothing, but that are also extremely comfortable to wear. Not surprisingly, it's the highest growing sector in the lingerie industry (being valued at £520 billion in 2010), with prospects of even bigger growth in years to come.

New fabrics, sewing techniques and garment construction are responsible for these new 'comfortable yet effective' products, and innovation seems to be the name of the game for most lingerie and fabric brands. Invista, the company behind the invention of Lycra, launched the Lycra Beauty Fabric in 2010 in order to supply the growing market for shapewear.

The company used 3-D body scanning and force transducers to guarantee optimal shaping for bodies in movement. The brand guarantees that, with the four new fabrics created, companies can make garments that will appeal to most target markets. Other innovations include shapewear pieces microencapsulated with caffeine in an effort to reduce cellulite, including the iPant by Wacoal, and Lytesse's garments that have aloe vera microcapsules to moisturize the skin.

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