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BERNARD DELETTREZ Jewelry Collections now available at LE BON MARCHE Paris Rive Gauche

Montag, Jan. 16, 2012, 17:21 / Paris, France

Dear Style Aficionados,

We are pleased to announce that BERNARD DELETTREZ is now available at A-list department store LE BON MARCHE.

With R'EVOLUTION, Bernard Delettrez unveils a stellar Spring - Summer 2012 collection inspired by the Theory of Evolution according to Darwin; proclaiming the reign of microcosmic entities over the human race.

Majestic Tarantula, magical ant, supernatural beetle or glistening bee... are all subjected to strange genetic mutations!

Paved with black or cognac diamonds, decorated with glimmering sapphires and rubies, wrapped in white gold and precious woods, and crowned with magnetite or luminescent moonstone; the collection explores new carving techniques, experimenting with a variety of materials that will challenge any per-conceptive idea on high end jewelry.

Fashion & Fine Jewelry collections by BERNARD DELETTREZ are now available at LE BON MARCHE as well as in 40 select retail emporiums worldwide, including:

On Pedder (Hong Kong), Fontainebleau (Miami), Kiosk (Palm Beach), Gio Moretti (Milan), White Gallery (Rome), Charivari (Switzerland), Silvia Saliba (Beirut), Dépêche Mode (Dubai)...

For further Sales & PR inquiries, please contact:

Produkt-Gruppen: Consulting, Illustration, Sales, Jewellery, Accessories, Contemporary, Denim, Millinery, Ready-to-Wear, Promotion, PR, Shoes, Act as an Agent, Vintage, Cosmetics, Textiles, Ethical Wear, Photography, Eyewear, Fabrics, Media, Fragrance, Representation
Märkte: Other, Men's, Women's

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