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Visit multiple Marketplaces hosted on the TribaSpace® platform. Discover new exciting brands, request access to their private showrooms, view their collections and interact with them no matter where they are.


TribaSpace® is an interactive exhibition platform hosting multiple B2B Marketplaces. Each Marketplace is operated by trusted industry partners for their respective market segment, product group or region. Select the Marketplace of your interest and connect with brands of your choice.

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Each Marketplace is customized in look and feel according to design of the marketplace operator. Once you’ve entered it your user account adopts the design of the Marketplace.

One User Account for all Marketplaces

Use the same user account when visiting Marketplaces on the TribaSpace® platform. When entering a Marketplace it adopts the design of the Marketplace operator. While the appearance may change the content of your ‘My Stream’, ‘My Orders’ and ‘My Organizer’ remains the same.

All Content Viewed Through Marketplace Interface

Whether showrooms, products or news all content is viewed through the interface of the marketplace operator. The same showroom looks different when viewed on the Marketplace or when viewed on in the regular TribaSpace® setting. While the appearance may differ the content remains the same.

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