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t w e n t y (2) t o o is the all new "fashion fun" concept and the celebration of a personal style, mixing street fun ironic details and classical tailoring, in order to create an impeccably cut and sewn piece, and more to that

... a true collector’s piece to cherish for a long time.

Valuing the traditional savoir-faire and very much inspired both by urban jungles and Romanian peasant lifestyle, t w e n t y (2) t o o does not intend to change the world, but to change the way to approach it, with fun and a hint of irony.

t w e n t y (2) t o o is an evolutive concept, addressing the today's young man,it shall accompany him in his "journey".Each collection is thought to be a new episode in the transformation process of a young man, his clothes then evolve as to guide him throughout the different stages of his life. Starting from childhood [Autumn Winter 2010].

There won't be large collections, from which one can hardly extract Excellence, but a limited number of items, thoroughly studied and developed as for them to transcend the trends, and become classics.

Every piece of a wardrobe has to be that special and rare thing you need in order to feel complete. In that way, choosing your wardrobe is like finding your life partner. That is why, each item only comes in a limited edition of reproductions and I think you already guessed you won't find them everywhere you look.


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