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LED'r bags Made in Belgium

Niyona offers you exclusive and contemporary bags in quality leather for both women and men, based on a 100% Belgian artisanal know-how.

Niyona has created unique bags for all occasions. A trip through dreaminess and reality, illusion and certainty. Niyona has designed specific volumes for unforgettable moments of escape. Wherever you go and whatever you do - walking, sporting, a cruise or a night out - Niyona travels with you.

Harmonious fusion of charisma and character, Niyona brings a certain allure to your look of the day.

Niyona was created by Nina Bodenhorst. While studying industrial design at ENSAV LaCambre she did an internship of 6 months at Delvaux where she learned to design fine leather goods. Afterwards she started working at another house in Belgian leather, Nathan-Baume as a designer-stylist where she designed the collections for 7 seasons. In parallel she takes evening classes to learn the craftsmanship of handmade leather bags. This allows her to ensure the quality and to work close with the artisans of the Niyona production.


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