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STAJI avantgarde for everyone

C O L L E C T I O N :
With her collection, Staji has made her claim for the wardrobe of the women in the 21st century come true. For her, the usual separation into business, casual and evening style are simply non-existant. Be it in the world’s metroploles or the province, the women shall always be her true self.

With Staji fashion, women are always dressed instead of being dressed-up.
The artificial segmentation into summer and winter collections is a leftover of the 20st century. In contrast to this mindset, Staji designs are all about „layer looks“: The different layers can be varied according to all temperatures.

„Reduce to the max“: With the designs of Staji, a women only needs one rail in her closet. The invisible walls seperating business and leisure are once and forever torn down.
Self-confindent and sexy.

Staji is inspired by the people she works with every day.
Every woman has that „special something“, that Staji makes visible with her creations and styles. The challenge of doing just that gives her new ideas all the time.

Black. It enhances the personality of the women instead of distracting from it.
Beauty.Naturality. Elegance. Immortal. Godess.

Silk. Cotton. Nature. Linen. Tulle . Chiffon .

stretchy, floating, comfortable,- high-end quality – silky …


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