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Made to measure leather

We specialize in custom made leather apparel, outerwear and suits for personal wear and movie set wardrobes. Our garments are designed to exceed your expectation of the unique image in which you intend to project.

Given our vast experience, technical expertise, and creative abilities, we can almost certainly create your style of choice for men, women and children.

We can provide you with a wide range of fabrics from which to select to design a custom jacket or suit for any special occasion, or daily purpose. Made to measure ensures your design selection will accommodate your unique body type, comfort level and taste for fashion.

We pride ourselves on making high quality, custom-designed apparel that will withstand yearly trends. Whatever vision you may have in mind for that special piece, we will endeavor to capture it with a masterpiece that will exceed your expectations. All our clothing is hand made and stitched in Canada with the finest Italian fabrics at your disposal. Our passion is making our garments elegant and unique.


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